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Honeslty, WTF?

For the past three weeks, my partner and I had a huge project to work on. The house alone cost 11 million to build.

It took us four days to prewire the house for our AV components that we would be installing. We put in a lot of stuff for this guy.  Here’s a rundown of what we installed for him; 18 HD TVs (one of them 3D), 14 DVD players, 10 Blu-Ray players (1 was 3D), 8 Illico HD boxes, 3 DirectTV boxes, Sirius satellite radio, the DirectTV dish, an 18 zone NUVO system( each room can listen to a different radio station), 2 HD wirestorms ( to distribute the signals to the 18 tvs), 4 matrixes, 36 in ceiling  speakers, 6 in wall subs, 4 amps, LUTRON in every room( you can control the lights and blinds at the touch of a button), 4 telephone lines and an alarm system wich included 18 panic buttons throughout the house and 22 cameras….

We even took the time to get creative by finding a way to put an entire home entertainment system in the sauna, as per the clients request. He even has a tv with dvd player in the laundry room for crying out loud!

What took long wasnt the installation of the equipment, but the programing of everything. The matrixes, the NUVO system, the LUTRON stuff, the universal remotes for each room…. We had to find a way to put everything but the 18 tvs and the dvd/blue ray players in the basement. When you walk into a room you will not find a cable/satellite box there, not even an amp for the sound. We had to make is so that the remote on the third floor master bedroom could control the cable box wich is in the basement in an AV rack under the stairs.

After all this the guy moves in today, while we’re making last-minute tweaks and adjustments to our whole system, wich in my opinion is pretty damn close to a work of art of sorts…and tells us, he doest like the TVs, he wants to change all of them. …like I said, the installation is no problem. But this means another 12 hours of programing everything after making the changes……….



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