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Chewbacca Stories:Invention of the Blackberry

Ok, so many of you already know that I work with this guy that I like to call Chewbacca (due to the fact that he’s almost as hairy as the Star Wars character). You also know that he is quite the piece of work. I only work with him once a week. Every Friday from 9am to 9pm. This is by far the most entertaining and frustrating part of my week. Entertaining because of the stupidity that comes out of his mouth, and frustrating for the same reason. By the way, I write things the same way he says them, so if its grammatically incorrect, it’s not my fault LOL.

When I was working with him last Friday, he was showing me his new Blackberry Storm. He proceeded to try and explain to me how a Blackberry functions. I cut him off to let him know that I have a Blackberry myself and understand the different features and know how to use it. This is when he told me that when he buys a product, he likes to research it first.

“Do you know how the Blackberry was invented?” he asked.

“No, Chewbacca I don’t.”(yes I do call him Chewbacca to his face, he thinks it’s because he likes Star Trek….wtf?)

“Well you can’t say you like Blackberry, if you don’t know how it was invented. Do you want me to tell you?”

Now, at this point I was already trying not to laugh. I knew he was about to spew out a really stupid story on the “invention” of the Blackberry. And so it began;

“First of all you need to know that Blackberrys were invented in 2008.”

“But Chewie, I had a Blackberry Pearl in 2007.”

“That was an imitation.”

“But if you say it was invented in 2008, how can it have been imitated a whole year before?”

“K, Rob, if you’re a really good fraudulent person, you can even copy things that aren’t there yet. But that’s not the point. I was going to tell you how it was invented. Blackberrys were invented in 2008 by a Toronto person.”

“Really?”  I asked.

“Yes and the story is right here in the logo.”

“Ok, go on…” I said while turning my phone over to look at the logo.

“You see Rob, Mr. Rim is the guy that invented the Blackberry. I was in his car going somewhere talking on his phone. But his car broke down on a country road. So he got out and tried to call for help. While he was waiting he got hungry and started to look for food. He discovered a blackberry bush and started eating the berries. While he was eating, he got a phone call on his cell phone. And that’s how he got his idea. And the logo, is supposed to be a thank you to the blackberry bush he found for giving him the idea.”

To be honest with you, I didn’t know how to respond to this story of his. I didn’t know what to say. I just sat there, awkwardly trying not to look at him because I didn’t want to burst out laughing at him. That’s when he looked at his Blackberry and said;

“That’s probably why every time I use my phone I get hungry for fruit.”

“Maybe” I said. Then I couldn’t contain it anymore, and just laughed, looked at the clock and hung my head. I still had another 10 hours to work with him.


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