Possible Job Change on the Horizon

I’m usually the type of guy to stay at a job for a long time. That’s why I worked 7 years at McDonald’s before quitting and going to another job. That’s also why I’m somewhat unhappy about potentially quitting my current job; if I do quit it will be the second time a change jobs this year.

I worked for McDonald’s for seven years since the age of 15. I had planned on finishing college to go on and become a computer technician. A year and a half into my college experience, McDonald’s made me an offer that at the time I couldn’t refuse.

I was offered the position of 2nd Assistant Manager. The promotion came with a 27k/year salary. I had to get my own car, but they would pay my parking and gas. I was supposed to get quarterly bonuses of up to 2000$. I also had full insurance benefits.

Almost immediately after accepting the promotion, I started to regret it. They had told me one of the aspects of being an assistant manager would be that I had to make myself available 24/7. I said yes, not thinking much of it. Then I started working close to 60 hours/week but only getting my regular salary for 40 hours.

Soon afterwards I was transferred to work at the McDonald’s at the corner of Papineau and Ste. Catherine Street on the edge of Montreal’s gay village. This didn’t bother me at all seeing as I have a few gay friends. What bothered me was that the farther you go east on Ste.Catherine’s street, the sketchier the neighborhood gets. You’ll see all kinds of miscreants and social outcasts. You see anything from prostitutes to crack addicts, drug dealers, gang members etc…

When I started there the first thing I realized was that apart from the head manager, I was the only male manager. So I saw it coming when I was informed that I would have to do the graveyard shift every second weekend. That’s how my car got broken into. You see, at Papineau McDonald’s, we didn’t have our own parking lot, so we had to park on the streets. At night, whatever spots they had near or in front of the restaurant would already be taken by the locals, so the night my car got broken into, I had had no choice but to park 4 blocks away. Imagine the feeling, after working the nightshift, then having to stay an extra 2 hours because my head manager came in late, then walking 4 blocks only to discover that my car had been broken into….I was pissed as you can imagine. Oh, and it was winter too, so I had to drive home in -30°C weather with a broken window.

After this, things gradually went downhill. They stopped paying for parking, which eventually lead to having an accumulated 3000$ of parking tickets on my record, because I was usually the only manager working for hours at a time and couldn’t go refill the meter every two hours. They also stopped paying for gas. That in itself was a big deal, considering that my supervisor had me driving stock and employees between his 10 restaurants.

After about a year, our restaurant was bought out by a franchisee. I thought maybe now I would have a break and things would get better. I was wrong.

His solution for my parking tickets, was to transfer me to a restaurant even farther away from home, it now took me an hour to drive to work instead of the usual 15 minutes. As you can imagine, my wallet took a hard hit on gas expenses. He also didn’t want to pay for gas, but on top of that, took away the extra 300$ a month that was supposed to be for car payments and insurance. Then he decided to reduce the bonuses. I went from having a possible bonus of 2000$ for each quarter, to having 50$ quarterly bonuses.

So I decided that maybe I should look into going back to school. I made them aware of my decision and asked for a demotion to swing manager so that if and when I started school, there would be no problem making the jump to part time. I was told there was no problem, that they supported my decision. Then I saw my hours diminish from 40 hours a week to 12. That is, until Christmas rolled around the corner. They expected me to forget the days I booked off during the holidays and work a total of 64 hours between 24th of December through January 3rd, including overnight shifts on the 24th, 25th, 31st &1st.

I paid my rent late for the month of December. I was only working 12 hours a week. On top of that, my girlfriend was only working once a week; she wasn’t having any luck finding  jobs in her field. The day I paid my rent my landlord asked how many hours I was working. When I told him I was only working 12 hours, he got on the phone and got me a job at his store. I greatly appreciated this. On December 18 I went to McDonald’s and gave a 5 day notice. I dint care anymore; they had been screwing me for the last 7 years…

So I went to work at Central Audio Video. I work in the shipping department. I do deliveries and custom installs of AV equipment. It started great, working full time, good tips and all. The only thing was that I was only making 11$/hour and I had no insurance or benefits. As the winter drew to an end and summer came around, most of Central’s corporate and consumer clients went on vacation. Business dropped dramatically. So for the last three months, I’ve only been working part time once again.

I recently got a job offer from Spinelli car parts. I am slated for an interview the 14th of September. If all goes well, I will be quitting my job at Central, for a full time job, with benefits, union, a company car and a salary of 35k. For now all I can do is wait and see what happens, but I can’t go on working part time.


4 comments on “Possible Job Change on the Horizon

  1. Sounds like quite an improvement, so I’ll keep my fingers crossed for ya. Good luck! :)


  2. good luck robert!


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