Blackberry Messenger & Habs Fans

When I first got my Blackberry back in March, I got it thinking I would be able to update my Facebook status and have a pretty sexy looking phone. You got to admit that it’s a sexy phone, and smart too. The day I got it, I texted  my old boss from McDonald’s to let him know we could start texting again because I got a new phone.

He’s the one who told me about Blackberry Messenger and how we would be able to keep in touch after he moved to Calgary. This was great news to me seeing as he had become one of my best friends over he course of the year that we worked together. As soon as I was able to, I found out how many of my friends had Blackberry Messenger and added them as contacts in my BBM.

My sister @kptome was constantly talking to me about Twitter and so finally, I downloaded the Blackberry app and opened an account. Now I know it may seem that im getting off topic but it all links in because it was through Twitter that I got to know @robkd and @FlirtyJo and it was because of them that the Habs BBM group came to be.

I was looking at my timeline on August 28 and I noticed a particular tweet that got my attention.

Right away I told Rob that it would be a great idea. I had been wondering why nobody thought of it. In fact, I almost created one myself, but at the time I didn’t know many Habs fans on BBM and never thought of doing through it Twitter. So, kudos to Rob, it was a genius idea bro!

Within seconds of replying to him that it would be a good idea, the group was created, I sent him my BBM Pin through Twitter’s Direct Message feature and I was part of a group. At first it was just @robkd, @FlirtyJo and myself. I decided to look trhough my contacts see if any one would be interested and immediately added my old manager and @mikemontii, an old employee of mine that I keep in touch with, and his brother. We now had a total of 6 members in the group. I remember @robkd telling us it would grow.

A few months later and our group now counts 21 members. Some of the members are well known to the blogosphere and Twitter. There is @All_Habs the owner and creator of AllHabs.net. Some bloggers that are in this group are @BobbyPulte & @kuyaz and I have since added links to their blogs to my sidebar.

Another great thing about our Habs BBM group is that it is yet another way for Habs fans to connect. We can talk to each other almost instantly no matter we are. We have members from all over the place. We have @kuyaz from the GTA, @FikaMaya in Indonesia and @saint_georgia in San Jose.

All these people, brought together by their love for the Habs, Blackberry Messenger and of course by @robkd and @FlirtyJo. I just find it amazing and totally awesome that technology allows to be in touch and meet new people of the same interests worldwide and its great to be part of this group and I wanted to share it with you.

Note: If you would like to join our Habs BBM Group please send me an email using the link in the sidebar with Habs BBM Group as the topic.


Thanks everyone for taking the time to read my Blog. Please feel free to leave any comments in the comment section bellow. You can also email me by clicking the link in the sidebar with any question, comments or suggestions for posts that you might have.


3 comments on “Blackberry Messenger & Habs Fans

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  2. BBM is a useful tool to phone users. Since it’s free to communicate via text between blackberry users, there’s been an apps for iphone users similar to this tool as well. Smartphones become a trend these days forcing conventional mobile phone makers such as Nokia, Motorola, SE and etc to crack their heads.


  3. I can tell you that I don’t regret getting a Blackberry one bit!


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