Montreal Juniors Spaghetti Fundraiser

On Friday October 22nd 2010, the Montreal Junior held a spaghetti dinner, in Verdun. The goal of this dinner was to raise money in order for the team to buy some new equipment. After the meal and before the entertainment started, they announced that the team would be donating 25% of the funds raised to three other organizations, the first being breast cancer research, the other two organizations were  the Vincent Bourgeois Foundation Pour Les Athletes Étudiants and Big Brothers, Big Sisters of Montreal.

From Left: (D)Matt Provost, (F)Michael Clarke, robertptome, (F)Dylan Anderson, (F)Trevor Parkes

Perhaps what was the most popular fundraising tactic employed during the evening was the player auction. The biding started at 25$ per player. The sixth highest bidders won a night on the town with the player of their choice with limousine service provided by the team. The highest bids that night went to; Backup goalie Etienne Marcoux (500$) Forward Jeremy Gouchie (500$) Forward Trevor Parkes (301$) Habs 2009 first round draft pick Louis Leblanc (301$) Forwards Janos Hari and Louis-Marc Aubry both went for 300$. The total proceeds raised by the player auction was 2200$

Another way of raising money was by doing a half and half draw. You were able to buy 3 or 6 tickets at 5 or 10$, or for 20$ you were able to buy a strip of tickets the same length as Aubry’s arm for 20$. The Juniors usually have a half and half draw at every game but they did it differently for this occasion, they drew two half and half numbers ,  one for half the money from the tickets sold which came to 540$. The winner of the prize money ended up pulling just 40$ from the envelope and donated the rest to the team. The second half and half prize was an autographed Micheal Cammalleri hockey stick.

At the end of the evening, the Montreal Juniors were able to raise 16,000$ and that’s great, but to be honest I think it will be harder for them to raise money the next time around because of the overall quality of the event. The food was terrible; which is to be expected when you are cooking large quantities of food in a church basement. The entertainment was supplied by Quebec singer/songwriter Bob Bissonnette and was of a very crude nature. I don’t think the parents of all the young children appreciated them being in an environment where Chris Chelios and the size of his reproductive organs were the theme of one of Bob’s songs.

Over all I think it was a good idea. The best part being that we got to meet and interact with all the players. But, I have to give them a failing mark for the quality of food and entertainment.

Better luck next time.


2 comments on “Montreal Juniors Spaghetti Fundraiser

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  2. Went to the Spaghetti night for the Juniors
    The fundraier idea was good and the focus on the boys was nice but the entertainment was terrible, sorry Bob Bissonette , the reason why it wasn’t good is because he was unable to get the crowd up to dance, consequently the majority of the crowd left right after the raffle and door prize draw. The organizers have alot of work ahead of them if they want to continue this format to raise money. I had the distinct impression that they had no experience in putting on such an event.


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