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Robertptome’s Blog: Introducing Monthly Habs posts.

Many of you who read my blog and know me personally already know that I am a big Habs fan. If you didn’t know that already now you do. I’ve been a Habs fan for a very long time, and when I first started this blog I was hoping to write some posts about the Habs. As of late I have received a couple of requests, either in person or via the “Email Me” button in the sidebar to write Habs related blog posts more often.

To be honest I agree. I mean I could only write so many Chewbacca Stories before people start getting bored and stop reading my blog.

So today I’m glad to announce that I will start writing monthly posts about the Habs. Minimum one Habs post per month guaranteed, I will write each month about certain players’ performances during the previous month in a HOT or NOT format.

But I warn you now, I’m not a professional sports writer, so you may not, or probably will not agree with what I have to say. That’s fine with me, there’s always room for discussion.

And so with that I bid you good day dear readers. My first Habs HOT/NOT post will be in early December regarding players’ performance throughout the month of November. I hope it will be interesting and that you will come back to read it.


Thanks everyone for taking the time to read my Blog. Please rate this post and share it with others. Feel free to leave any comments in the comment section bellow. You can email me by clicking the link in the sidebar with any question, comments or suggestions for posts that you might have. You can also follow me on Twitter.


One comment on “Robertptome’s Blog: Introducing Monthly Habs posts.

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