Advertise for you? No thanks.

I was recently asked if I would consider advertising on my blog.

To be completely honest, I had considered it at one point. I figured if I ever get a large and constant reader base, why not try to make some money from my blog. But as of late, I see my blog more of a place to share my thoughts, I’m doing it for fun and enjoying myself at the same time. For now I don’t see the point of advertising on my blog. But this post isn’t about wether or not I want to advertise on my blog, it’s about others respecting my decision not to.

About two months ago one of the owners of the store I work in found out that I write a blog. He seemed to be genuinely interested. He asked how long I’ve been writing, what I write about and how he can find my blog. For the next couple of weeks he kept asking me about it. After a while I told myself he was up to something, especially when he asked if any of my readers lived in or around Montreal. Then he finally  told me what he had on his mind. He wants me to advertise for the store on my blog.

I said “No”.

He wasnt happy with this, gave me a lecture for answering without listening to his proposal. So I let him talk, I have to admit, I was kind of curious.

This is what he had in mind. He wanted me to write bi-monthly posts on products they carry at the store. He wanted me to write a new post for every time they add stuff to the liquidation section. I would also have to write a post about how great our delivery and installation services are, and even some tech support posts on some of the products. I wasnt interested in any of this but i went along with it and asked him what was in it for me.

“An extra day off per week to write the posts.”

“Payed?” I asked.


“No? Do I at least get some kind of % for everyone who buys from the store because of my posts?”

“No. You get an extra day off. That’s all.”

I’m sure many of you will agree with me that this was a one way deal in the store’s favor. but it’s not the only reason I said no.

Like I said earlier, I’m doing this for fun. to share my thoughts and ideas. That’s all I get out of this blog. Why should I give others the possibility of making money through my blog if im not? It’s not the type of blog I want to have. If i do write a review about a product of some sort it will be because I use that product and felt like sharing my opinion, not because somebody else wants to sell more units. I don’t plan on selling out to The Man anytime soon.

Ever since then he still asks me at least once during my shift if I’ve reconsidered his offer. I keep saying no. I was told that if I was a loyal employee I would do it.

I guess I’m not loyal.


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2 comments on “Advertise for you? No thanks.

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  2. In the same situation I would have done the same thing, That deal was entirely in the stores favour.


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