Habs Hot or Cold:November 2010


Carey Price: HOT

What can I say? We all saw him play and can all agree that he was on fire for the month of November. The numbers say it all; 8-4-0 record in 12 games in November, with a 1.59 goals against average. He made 373 saves out of 392 saves earning a .952 save percentage. He also had three shutouts against the likes of Vancouver, Philadelphia and Toronto. Price also got 9,927 fan votes in the new Three Stars system which allowed him to get the Molson Cup for the second month in a row.



Tom Pyatt: COLD

I’ve been told that he is a great player. When I look at his play in the month of November I’m inclined to disagree. He got one point in 12 games with a plus/minus of -1. Pyatt played an average of 11.40 per game and only managed to take 18 shots on net for the whole month. His face-off percentage for the month of November was 51.4




Tomas Plekanec: HOT

Plekanec continues were he left off last year. He is in my opinion the best player for the Habs thus far. He finished the month of November with 3 goals 10 assists for a total of 13 points and a plus/minus average of +3. I don’t care that he didn’t light up the lamps every game, he’s dishing out the passes and helping his team win games. Like Bill Clement of the NHL games by EA would say, “We should start calling him The Dish-Master”




Maxim Lapierre: HOT

Lapierre scored three goals in the last month two of them on November 22nd in Philadelphia he had no assists and finished the month with a plus/minus of -3. But that’s not the type of player he is. Lapierre has impressed me his season wih his new work ethic. It’s his second and hird efforts that are helping out his linemates. Lapierre has often been criticized for his physical, or his lack thereof. In November while having played an average of 11:38 per game, he had 43 penalty minutes. He continues to do his roll in instigating the oponants and getting under their skin. As much as ohers choose to criticize the fact the he hardly drops the gloves, I appreciate more the fact that he has enough self control not to accept any fight challenges when the Habs are in a good position during the game



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10 comments on “Habs Hot or Cold:November 2010

  1. Price, Pleks are right on. Pyatt well he’s not obligated to score goals if he doesnt want to. lapierre still sucks.


  2. Honesty I don’t understand why you’re wasting your time writing about the Habs. They suck. Plain and simple. The NHL should consider folding the team, too man Canadian teams in the league anyway. Cant believe stumble upon led me to this crap.


  3. Ron, The Habs are leading their division and actually went to the Eastern Conference finals last year. Yeah that is such a crap team. Canadian teams are the ones that keep teh NHL afloat and the Habs are the ones that bring most of the fans into games in the States.


  4. Andrew, are you talking about the islanders game? the one that that Habs lost? the reason that there seemed to be more habs fans is because new yorkers don’t appreciate great hockey. THe Habs got eliminated by an american team and that proves my point. NHL should be american only teams.


  5. I don’t think Andrew was talking about any game in specific. But look at the facts, Montreal did make it far in last years playoffs and despite this rut that they’re in as of late, they still lead the division and are in 3rd place of the eastern conference. I haven’t noticed any Canadian teams that have a hard time selling out home games. But i have noticed that in many American cities there are usually a lot of Habs fans (New York, Boston, Florida to name but a few). Thanks for reading Ron.


  6. You also have to look at the player base, most teams in the NHL are made up of Canadian players, if there are no Canadian NHL teams would there be as many Canadian players trying to make the NHL? Most of the talent comes from Canada so you don’t bite the hand that feeds you. Also once again look at teh financials of the NHL at least 1/4 of the US teams are in financial trouble and should probably be removed. On the other hand all the Canadian teams sell out every game and actually make the US teams sell out one or more games a season because that Canadian team is in town.


  7. Hockey as we know it would not exist without canada / canadian teams. And montreal has always been a big part of that. Not to mention We are historically, the most decorated team. Any true fan of the sport knows this and acknowledges it. So i suggest you check your american superiority complex at the door dude , cause it is going to bite you in the ass…And besides if the NHL should truly be an american only team then why all the talk about the Nordiques…The league knows they need more Canadian teams to grow a bigger fanbase and rake in more cash. Hockey is and always will be our sport.


  8. What is this? the author of this blog sing a different alias(robertptome>>kptome) because hes afraid to be wrong? lol why don’t all you dumb Canadians wake up and smell the coffee eh? America has always been the best at hockey. You say the Habs are the most historically decorated team….well how many of those titles have been won with American players on the roster? Players like Chris Chelios, John Leclair, Ludwig, Nilan and more recently; Gionta, Gomez, Halpern, Paciorety, Gill, and your star goalie Price. Just get your head out of your asses and that America is far superior that little Oh Canada. You guys suck and so do the Montreal Canadiens.


  9. Ron I’m starting to realize just how unfounded your arguments are…seriously you think Carey price is American? Come on man, if your going to start crap at least get your facts straight. KPTOME is my sister by the way, not another alias. Have a good day Ron I’m going to go watch the Olympic gold medal game, I don’t remember who won it…oh wait…it was CANADA!


  10. Wow Ron, you really have no clue about hockey do you? Montreal has won 24 Stanley cups and the majority of those were won with Canadian players. If you read the Stanley Cup you will find the majority of names on it are Canadian. Canada has also won more Gold medals at teh Olympics, more World Championships and more World Juniors than the states. You need to check your US blinders at the door and really look at the history of hockey. Also Price was born in BC, Canada not the US.


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