How I Got Banned From The Labatt Brewery

On Monday I tweeted that I got banned from the Labatt brewery in Lasalle. Some of you were wondering how I managed this and I promised to explain. So this is the story of my banishment from Labatt.

We were scheduled to deliver some audio/video equipment to their Salle Maisonneve. I think it’s supposed to be some kind of bar within the brewery.

So we arrive at 10am and we were expecting to wait for an hour because that’s how long it usually takes to get the security clearance to enter the place. We pull up to the security gate and the head of security asked us why we wanted to get in. We explained that we just had to deliver some equipment and leave.

“No installation? You’re not doing any work whatsoever right? Just a drop off? In and out?” He asked

“Après ca, oui c’est ca.” Answered my partner with his broken French.

“Allez-y. No clearance needed if it’s just a drop off. Head straight to door 27A and keep your hazard lights on at all times.”

So we go in and go to door 27A like we were told. But there was a laundry truck parked there and the driver was eating. We walked up to the loading dock were one of the workers told us the laundry truck would be there for a while.

“You should go to door 29.”

“Ok après ca, c’est pas probleme. Ok. Alright. No big deal. It’s ok. No problem. Après ca je vais a porte 29 après ca.” Said my partner.

We get back in the truck, head to door 29 and back up to the loading dock. When we get inside and ask the guy to open the door so we can unload he said no. So we tried to find someone else.

The second guy game and explained to us that door 29 was only to receive/store tools and spare parts for all the machinery of the brewery. He explained that all other deliveries go to door 27A because it’s the only one with access to the rest of the brewery especially to the second floor which is where we had to take the equipment. We told him that the dude at 27A sent us to him and he replied with:

“Go back to 27A because I can’t help you here. If he tries to send you away, tell him to fuck off.”

At this point a half hour had gone buy and we started to realize it wasn’t going to be in and out like we’d expected.

We got back to 27A and the other trucker was still eating. One of the employees came out and told him to go eat somewhere else. We finally back up to the loading dock and the new guy told us he would be back with a buggy to carry the stuff.

After 15 minutes of unloading all the equipment the guy had brought down the buggy when we had our backs turned and disappeared. All we knew was what door he went through because he had told us to close the garage door before opening the next one to avoid having drafts.

When we go through the next door, we were amazed to see that we were in the area where they bottle the beer.

For the next 20 minutes while my partner was looking for the guy and trying to call the buyer on his cell, I was watching the machines. I got to see the beer get bottled, caped, labeled and boxed. Thousands of beers must of gone buy as I watched. It was fun and interesting.

When we finally get brought up to where the equipment was supposed to go we got quite the tongue lashing. We got shit for being on the production floor. And we got shit for being on the upper levels of the brewery without the necessary security clearance. Some new guy came and snuck us out the back. I felt like I had just stolen a secret recipe or something.

When we finally drove back to the gate to head out, the head security guard was still there.

“You said you would be in and out. You’ve been here for an hour and a half you also didn’t keep your hazard lights on like I asked you to. You can’t come back; from now on we won’t let you in.” Said the guard.

My partner thought this was funny and cracked up. That’s when the guard showed us a picture of my partner and I standing around in the packaging area, a picture of our truck and a picture of our license plate number.

“I’m serious, you can’t come back.” he said in French.

“Après ca c’est fuck you c’est comme ca” said my partner and drove off.

I got to admit that was probably the highlight of this year at work. We did as we were told (except for the hazard lights) and got banned.

Pretty funny I think.


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6 comments on “How I Got Banned From The Labatt Brewery

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  2. Thats totally unfair, you got juggled around by them and they ban you? I drive by that place often.


  3. rediculous.


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  5. What do you want from a foreign owned company that basically does whatever it wants in Canada? Sad reality. Time for these bozos to stop having special treatment in store, bars, restaurants and everywhere else. Vive Boreale! Vive McAuslan! Vive des vrais bieres du Quebec!


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