Habs Hot or Cold: December 2010

Jaroslav Sapcek: COLD

So in December Spacek played 15 games, in which he played for an average of 20:37 per game. He got 3 assists. He finished the month with a -1. That’s it. I know what some of you are saying “Rob, he’s a defenseman. He won’t score all the time” I know. That’s not what irks me about him. What gets under my skin is that (in my opinion) he causes more damage to the team rather than help them. He got 10 penalty minutes in December. Tripping; hooking, interference, you name it and he’s been called for it.  How many goals have been scored with Spacek on the ice? How many times has he been beat 1on 1 that led to a goal? Spacek is supposed to be a veteran. Someone the coaching staff should be able to rely on to play well defensively because of his experience. Some say I’m being too rough on him. Honestly I’d rather see him be scratched from the lineup than Picard or Subban. He’s old and slow. In with the new please.


Brian Gionta: HOT

In December Gionta tallied 6 goals 1 assist for a total of 7 points. It’s a bit less than his totals in November (6-6-12) but I still find that he’s been playing great. Captain Gio is leading by example scoring most of his goals at times we need it the most. His intensity and dedication to the team is obvious when he’s on the ice and in my opinion pumps up the team. Considering the slump the team is currently in I feel that sometimes he’s the only one giving his all. He played an average 19:07 per game in December and finished the month with a +/- raring of -3. I just hope that Gionta’s hard work ethic will rub off on some other players soon (mostly Andrei Kostitsyn). But (there’s always a but) can his great work also be connected to the arrival of Pacioretty? I think there might be a slight correlation. Since the beginning of the season Jacques Martin was juggling lines to try and spark the Gionta-Gomez pair. Nothing seemed to work until Pacioretty…


P.K. Subban: COLD

I hate to say this about P.K. because I love the energy and dedication he brings every game, but that doesn’t change what I see during the games. Ever since he was first scratched by coach Jacques Martin early last month he hasn’t been the same. I don’t see him as confident as he was before.In December we saw Subban put up 1 goal and 1 assist for 2 points which is only 1 point less than November (1-2-3) but that’s not the part that has me worried. What worries me is that he played 3 games less than in November but his +/- dropped to -8 in 10 games for December compared to +1 in 13 games throughout November. But like I said above, I think being a scratched from the lineup affected his confidence. It’s not an excuse though. If Subban wants to stay in Montreal he’ll have to take it like a man and play his game to his full potential. We all know what happens to players in Montreal when their performance drops a notch.


Max Pacioretty: HOT

I know he was only called up recently but Pacioretty has impressed me thus far. Last year I couldn’t stand to see him on the ice but I see him as a completely changed player so far this season. I think that he has improved in every aspect of the game. In the 9 games he played in December since being called up he has scored 2 goals and 2 assists for a total of 4 points and he had a +/- rating of -4.  What’s more is that he seems to have sparked Gomez whose performance has improved ever since Pacioretty was added to the Gomez/Gionta line. Pacioretty averaged 15:27 of ice time for the month of December.


3 comments on “Habs Hot or Cold: December 2010

  1. Yet another waste of time, honestly. get over it the Habs suck.


  2. Honestly if we have to trade a player I’d vote Spaco, but I’m pretty sure he’s got a NTC in addition to that last year on the team. How’s Pleky’s stats last month? And Cammy’s? Hot, cold or – as I suspect – lukewarm?


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