The Man With the Golden Voice

Early this week The Columbus Dispatch posted this video of homeless man Ted Williams pan handling by the side of the road. He left quite the impression. Before I go on, why don’t you take a look for yourself…

Ted talks in this video about how he actually trained his voice in voice-over/acting schools. He’s wanted to be a radio host ever since he started listening to a local radio station when he was a kid.

Apparently Ted used to be a DJ until drugs and alcohol got the best of him in 1996, it was all downhill from there and he was living homeless, despite the efforts of his 9 kids to help him beat his addictions. Ted’s been sober for the last two years.

Ever since the video of him got posted on Youtube, it went viral. It reportedly has over 1 million views. He said in the video that he was hoping that the right person would drive by and hear him talk. Well Ted’s dream came true.

Ted appeared on two American morning shows today to tell his compelling story and talk about the job offers he’s been getting ever since the video got around. The NBA’s Cleveland Cavaliers offered him a full-time job and a house. He’s also had offers from MTV the NFL and a plethora of other entertainment companies.

Ted reportedly hasn’t made a decision yet on whose offer he’ll accept. When asked what’s the first thing he’ll do until he decides; he said would take advantage of a TV interview invitation to fly to New York and visit his 90-year-old mother, who lives in Brooklyn and always supported him through his battles with addiction.


The reason I wanted to write about this is that for me, this story shows us that we’re never too old to dream. Ted went through some hard times but still came out of it. He kept hoping a chance to one day live his dream of being a radio announcer and never gave up.

We can learn a lot from Ted. I’m sure we haven’t heard the last of him and I wish him the best of luck.


3 comments on “The Man With the Golden Voice

  1. Is the giggle

    listen for the giggle…I think that sett he tone
    and of course his story
    and as even USA Presidents can also say cocaine did nothing to them ultimately as well…the last two USA Presidents admit cocaine use

    I mean all this in the spirit..of the spirit of the DEA and the propaganda machine with our own tax dollars

    Ted blew everyone …away

    now will come more than most of these recent Ted converts will have wanted to know..in the end…just watch



  2. Sorry thats to say above … “ITS THE GIGGLE “


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