One Goal Down.

As some of you may recall, in my last post of 2010 I set some goals for myself.

With today’s post I’m glad to announce that I have already achieved one of the goals…somewhat. Let me explain;

My second goal I set myself for this year was to go back to school. Some of you who follow me on twitter or my relatives and close friends of mine probably already knew that I went to write an entry exam for a trade school this past Tuesday.

The exam consisted of two parts. The first part was 80 mechanical theory questions and the 2nd part was 20 math questions. I didn’t know going into the test that the math part only had 20 questions so I was kind of nervous about that part.

In high school I wasn’t known for my math skills, I even failed math one year. For the last month my girlfriend was finding some math tests online so I can practice. Even she was surprised that I was actually studying hard for this. She asked me if I wasn’t fed up with all the math yet. To this I replied that when I was in high school; and during my year and a half of Cegep that I did, I never realized the importance of studying and getting an education. But now I do more than ever because I realize that if one day I want to start a family, I can’t keep working menial jobs for the rest of my life.

So I studied and studied some more. End result? Well I went in, wrote the exam and passed. I got an 80-something % on the mechanical theory part and a 96% on the math section of the test.

So next April I’ll be starting school full time. I’ll be studying to be an Electrician at the Pearson Electro-Technology Center in Montreal. Apparently it’s the best school for that field on the island.

I never thought I’d say this about going to school, but I can’t wait to start.


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2 comments on “One Goal Down.

  1. This is great the post. Is good ida go school. Life is not success if not lear in the school to get the job that pay the moneys. i wish to you the big luck.
    i sorry if my english is not so well.


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