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How do You Communicate?

As I told you in the past, I would like to blog more often. I signed up for the Postaweek2011 challenge from WordPress and this was one of the suggested topics that caught my attention. So I figured why not use this topic for a post.

With all the various means of communication we have nowadays it made me wonder which is the most popular among the people I know.

I myself use different means of communication all the time depending on the situation or who I’m trying to reach.

Take for my example my girlfriend. I prefer to call her. I tend to call her at least once a day just to see how her day is going, to let her know if my plans have changed for the evening or just to let her know I’m thinking of her. In April 2010 she got an opportunity to do a stage at an Interior Design company in Lyon, France. As you can imagine calling her was out of the question because of the long distance charges. Even at that, we managed to talk almost every day. We communicated through Facebook or with Skype, which I hadn’t heard of until she left to France.

Last year I also started using Blackberry Messenger. This is a great tool for me to stay in contact with one of my best friends who moved to Calgary in July of 2010. I also use BBM to communicate with my cousins and an uncle of mine that are living in England & Portugal.

I also talk to my relatives overseas with Windows Live Messenger, and of course Facebook. (Honestly, who doesn’t use Facebook?) It’s great I can communicate with them and not get charged for long distance calls or texts.

I also opened myself a Twitter account last summer thanks to @KPTOME. It’s great to discuss a whole bunch of topics (mostly the Habs) with people whom I have never known until now. I’ve also met some cool cats from Twitter at Tweetups.

Then of course, there’s text messaging and email. I’d have to say that of all these different ways to communicate I text more than anything else. I don’t know how many texts I send a day but I know it’s a lot. Great way to get a message to someone if you don’t have the time to stop  and call them. As for email, well I honestly don’t email often.

But what about you, which do you use most often?


One comment on “How do You Communicate?

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