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Most of you who read this blog are either related to me or know me from Twitter. Either way, you all know that I’m a BIG fan of the Montreal Canadiens. For that reason I’m very excited for the announcement I’ll make in this post.

I was recently asked to be a contributor to AllHabs.net and I couldn’t be more thrilled! I was asked to write a guest post of my choice, but after some talks about my cultural background and the heights that the All Habs network would like to attain we came to the agreement that I would contribute some articles in Spanish for those Habs lovers living in Latin America or Spain.It’s a a great honor to join the team over at All Habs.

My first contribution to the site is a game review written in Spanish about the Habs’ loss to the New Jersey Devils this past Sunday.

Here’s a sample of the post:

“Dainius Zubrus y Ilya Kovalchuk marcaron los dos primeros goles de los New Jersey Devils en el primer tiempo del juego con los dos primeros tiros del partido y que pasaría a ser la clave para el juego como los Montreal Canadiens nunca pudieron regresar y perdieron el juego 4-1 Domingo en la tarde en el Bell Centre.”

The whole article can be found on the All Habs website by clicking here. You can also read other articles from the website by clicking the link listed over there on the right in my “I Also Write Here” section.


3 comments on “All Habs Contributor

  1. Woot woot big broo


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