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Montreal Canadiens App released on iPhone and Android

UPDATE:Montreal Canadiens release new official app!

Click here for the link to the new app.

UPDATE: The links provided in this post no longer work. Upon visiting Bell’s site you get a message saying that the Canadiens App is no longer available.

Over the course of the last week Bell finally launched the long-awaited official Montreal Canadiens smart phone app. With the release of the app, fans can now get all the news and Habs updates wherever they are.

There are many interesting features. You can watch HabsTV video content on your phone and read game reviews. Fans can also choose to enable game notifications for every goal scored and this way you wont miss a second of any game.

Of course, considering that the app is made by Bell, there is some exclusive content available to Bell customers only such as watching live games and Jacque Martin’s press conferences.

So far the app is not yet available on the Blackberry platform, but when and if it is made available I will download it and write a more detailed review for the app.

If you are a iPhone or Android user, you can download it via the links bellow:

iPhone/iPod Touch






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