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In response to Luis

I am writing this post in response to a recent email I got from one of my readers. He asked me an interesting question and I thought I might as well share my opinion with everyone else.  This is the email he sent me:

Hi Rob,

First off I wanted to say thank you for your very informative blog. I have been a Canadiens fan ever since I had the pleasure to live in Montreal while I was working on contract with an I.T. firm. Never REALLY saw hockey until I saw it played in Montreal. I owe the Canadiens my passion for hockey. Anyway, I am also Venezuelan as my Dad was from a small town there. Was curious if you also write a blog in Spanish and how you became a Habs fan yourself? Whats your thoughts on getting more Latino’s in the game?

First of all Luis I would like to thank you for reading my blog and for the kind words in the email you sent me. I also want to thank you for taking the time to email me with your questions and comments.

For your first question Luis, I do not write any personal blogs in Spanish. I would however probably considering writing some posts in Spanish or in Portuguese for this blog sometime in the future. I speak and write both languages because my parents are portuguese but my mom was born in Venezuela.

However, I do write game reviews in Spanish for AllHabs.net. You can find those articles by clicking here or navigating to the “I Also Write Here” section in my sidebar.

As for how I became a Habs fan myself? Well that’s actually a family affair for me. My whole family are Habs fans and it’s all thanks to my godfather and grandfather. They started our love affair with the Habs when they first moved to Montreal from Venezuela in 1969. Long story short, I’ve been a Habs fan almost as long as I could walk. Being in a city where everyone not only lives and breathes Hockey but also bleeds bleu-blanc-rouge made it that much easier. It really has become a passion of mine.

Currently there are three players that I know are of Latin American decent. There is Habs forward Scott Gomez (Mexican/Columbian), Phoenix goaltender Al Montoya (Cuban) and Canucks forward Raffi Torres (Mexican/Peruvian).

I personally would love to see more players of Latin decent. But more than that, I would like to see more players from a whole array of cultural backgrounds and not just American/European. I thope that one day Hockey will be just as globalized has soccer is. Recently I have heard of other countries such as Brasil and Australia having a new-found interest in hockey. In fact, recently an Australian hockey team came to Quebec to participate in the province’s famous International Pee Wee Tournament.

Thanks again for reading my Blog Luis. I hope I answered all your questions. If not, don’t hesitate to leave a comment on this post or to email me again.

Go Habs Go!


One comment on “In response to Luis

  1. Thanks for responding to my questions via Email again, Robert. I was curious how your family missed the big block of wood in the way of Venezuela and Canada, that is the United States? It’s quite unique for Venezuelans to immigrate to Canada. Is there a lot of “us” their in Montreal? Also I agree with you that I’d like to see more folks of different ethnic origin play competitive hockey. It’s great to see slowly we are seeing this. The problem I see with the NHL is that they are not doing enough of the right outreach to the inner-cities of the US to get more kids playing hockey. Hockey is an expensive sport. if you can take away that factor, I can see more minorities lacing up. Which is good for the NHL. Anyway thanks again!


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