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ACDC, Canucks & More

  • So school is starting to get really interesting, very hands on lately. In Electric Circuits we learning and making basic circuits to calculate power, current and resistance.
  • I finally know the difference between AC and DC currents.
  • Recently I downloaded the whole AC/DC discography and have to admit that Bon Scott was a great singer if not better than Brian Johnson
  • Vancouver is in the Stanley Cup finals. I’m thrilled that there’s a Canadian team in the finals. Too bad it’s not Montreal.
  • Who would’ve thought that Maxime Lapierre and Chris Higgins would have a shot at winning the Cup with another NHL team before the likes of Price, Gorges and Markov would have a chance with Montreal. I certainly didn’t
  • Thanks for pointing that last one out to me Kirk. Its really mind blasting.
  • I recently watched The Wolfman with Benicio del Toro on television. How the f**k did such a good movie go under my radar for so long?
  • I wrote this post on the bus. I hate when people stare at you on the bus. Seriously, dude you’re creeping me out.
  • Oprah’s final episode is today, she’s been on the air since before I was born. It’s amazing that a talk show as gone on for so long.
  • According to Renaud Lavoie of RDS, Atlanta Spirit and True North Sports and Entertainment have finally reached an agreement today for the sale of the Thrashers, apparently the NHL agreed to reduce the transfer fee from 60 M$ to 30M$ to help close the deal. He also says that the announcement will probably come sometime between the end of the Boston/Tampa series and the start of the final round. It’s kind of weird hoe excited i am for another team. Go Jets.
  • Speaking of Boston and Tampa Bay, am I the only one who at times feels like this series is fixed? The things Boston is getting away with is crazy. I have lost count of how many penalties should’ve been called against the Bruins that the refs didn’t see. I guess it helps to have the son of the senior VP on your roster.
  • We’re just a couple of weeks away from the CFL preseason games. The Alouettes made some big moves this past winter and it looks as if they want to win a third Grey Cup in as many years. I hope they can pull it off, it’s great to have a championship title in Montreal.

Have a good week everyone.

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