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Bruins, Als, 5000 hits etc…

Admittedly it’s been a while since my last post and I have a lot of topics I want to cover so I’ll try and keep each point as short as possible.

  • It’s been a few weeks now since the Stanley Cup playoffs came to an end after a convincing victory by the Boston Bruins against the Vancouver Canucks. As much as I did not want those dirty Bruins to win, I have to admit that I was impressed by their win. It was a perfect strategic game.
  • I was extremely pleased to find out that the NHL’s board of governors approved the sale and relocation of the Atlanta Thrashers to TNSE, I cant wait to find out what the team name will be (Manitoba Jets maybe?)
  • The Montreal Alouettes have played a few pre season games so far and despite the fact that as I write this post they are down 19-17 in the second quarter against the Hamilton Tiger-Cats I have to say that IMO they are looking good out there. Three for three, Go Als Go!
  • The Habs have signed free agents Andrei Kostitsyn, David Desharnais & Max Pacioretty. All of the signing so far please me because it allows for the players to prove their worth without tying management’s hands with 5+ year contracts in case it doesn’t work out. I expect all three of these players to impress a lot of people next season. I don’t know why, mais j’ai un feeling.
  • Speaking of the Habs, they haven’t signed Markov yet, will they? Should they? I’m undecided. I like the guy, he’s got heart I’ll give him that much. But is he worth the risk given all his recent history? I say one year to see how things go. What do you think? Feel free to sound off in the comment section bellow.
  • And last but not least, I want to thank everyone for reading my posts. I started this blog 11 months ago and I feel I’ve come along way and improved a lot since my first post. It hasn’t been a year yet and I have already hit the 5000 hits mark. Thank you all for reading you kept me going.

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