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The Danger of Not Making an Effort

If you follow me on Twitter; read my Blog or know me personally, you already know that I went back to school to study electricity.

As you can imagine, when you’re studying electricity or any other potentially dangerous trade, a lot of emphasis is placed on safety and security.

I had complained about this one guy from my class a while back on Twitter and it led to me being called a racist due to the fact that I mentioned his race. Despite the fact that since then he has caused injuries in class and “jokingly” pulled a knife on me, this post is not about him.

This post is about someone else in my class who is just as dangerous as him. Sometimes even more so. What makes it worse is that he doesn’t realize it.

This kid is dangerous because he misses half the material taught in class, usually he doesn’t come in to school in the morning. Since we usually do the “hands on” work in the afternoon we always talk about what safety measures and precautions in the mornings, but he’s not there for that part.

A week ago we were learning how to put up scaffolding. Of course e missed the morning. As per usual when he came in late, he jumped right into the activity, “this is fucking easy, I should’ve stayed home” I believe is what he said.

Anyway, his team had built three levels of scaffolding (approximately 30 feet high). At this point they wanted to go up a fourth level. According to safety regulations, when you get that high you’re supposed to secure the scaffolding at the third level to something solid that wont move. Instead he went back down and tied one of the scaffolding’s castors to a ladder.

“You’re doing it wrong” he said when the wanted to put the next platform before the sides “let me show you”

That means that he had nowhere to stand while putting up the guard rails of the fourth level. His solution, swing out on to a pile of five extension ladders and have someone pass up the next piece of guard rail.

As he did this, he had to lean over precariously, wich caused the pile of ladders to slip away from the wall by about two feet. Since he was holding on to the unsecure scaffolding it also tipped dangerously towards the rest of the class watching from bellow.

Emediately a bunch of us rushed over to hold the ladders and scaffolding so that he wouldn’t fall and break his neck.

Not only could he have seriously injured himself, but he put the whole class in danger as well.

What really pisses me off is that he does not make an effort to be in school when we discuss the safety measures. Then he tries to do everything as if he knows everything. Yet the teachers don’t notice his carelessness. And if they do, they do nothing about it.

How hard can it be to wake up and be in school for 8 AM like the rest of us? Does he not see he is a safety hazard?

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