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Just Show Up Man

In my last blog post I wrote about a guy in my class that I felt was putting us all in danger by not being in class when we would discuss important safety issues for the next class activity. To be quite honest it pissed me off.

It’s no surprise to me but this same guy managed to piss me off yet again this week.

Since that last blog post we started a new module. It wasn’t a difficult module at all. In fact you just had to be there really. The subject was pretty easy but I wont bore you with those details.

But of course, the dude never showed.

During the course of the module we had a two-week vacation for construction holiday. This was a bout one week after the start of the module. At this point he had already missed a full week of school.

Fast forward past the vacation and he missed another full week. During the third week he was there for a one period and left at lunch one day. He was there for three hours out of a 95 hour module. He missed approximately 96% of the module! We hadn’t seen him since.

Until exam day that is.

We had our exam this week, and he actually showed up for expecting to do the exam. To top it off, he was actually shocked and irked when the teacher told him he couldn’t write the test. Even more so when he was told that he would have to redo (in his case do) the module during night school. Then came this excuses.

Blah, blah, blah…

Bro, it’s simple. Just show up man. We all do. How else do you expect to pass. How long will this last until the administration decides enough is enough and kicks him out of the program?

Is it just me? Am I over reacting about the fact that I make an effort every day to be there and learn because I want to have a better life and be able to provide for my family in the future but this guy doesnt seem to care?


One comment on “Just Show Up Man

  1. The dude is basically just screwing himself over. I’d be miffed at his hypocrisy but also at the obvious slap in the face to people who do make the effort, but at the end of the day he’s only hurting himself. Not worth the effort to get ticked off.


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