Should Crosby’s Press Conference Have Waited?

Should Crosby’s Press Conference Have Waited?

That seems to be the question a lot of people in social media are asking themselves today after learning of the tragedy in the hockey world today.

For those of you are still unaware, KHL team Lokomotiv were on a plane that crashed shortly after taking off today in Russia.

Original reports stated that 42 of 44 passengers died in the crash with Lokomotiv’s Aleksandr Galimov being one of two survivors. It was later reported that he sustained burns on 80% of his body.

I feel that yes, given the morning’s events the press conference should have waited.

After all, it’s not like we learned anything new from this press conference.

Sidney Crosby & his doctor stated the situation as follows; Crosby sustained a vestibular concussion, he has seen specialists, that he is expected to do a full recovery and that he will most likely return this year but there is no definite timeline.

This is all information that we were all aware of already. The only new information is positive (depending on how you feel about Sid the Kid) that being that he will not retire.

For some reason I always felt that Crosby always got to much media attention. no matter how skilled he is. Today’s press conference confirmed that for me. How can you justify one man’s concussion recovery out weighing the situation in Russia? I can’t think of any good reason.

But that’s just my opinion, what do you think?

May all of the crash victims RIP

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4 comments on “Should Crosby’s Press Conference Have Waited?

  1. Should have waited. I think it showed a complete lack of respect from Crosby and anyone involved with the decision to keep this press conference going. It wasn’t like Crosby had some earth shattering news for us all, it was just an update of his situation, which frankly delivered nothing new. He is the best player in the world, if he had said that he would postpone the conference until tomorrow the media would still have been there and fans still would have watched. He put himself ahead of a horrific even and I lose some respect for him for that.


  2. I have always said that crosby is a baby and this proves it once again. We don’t need another press conference to know what they said. In my opinion, it was a PR thing to keep him in the lime light and keep Reebok and his sponsors happy fuck crosby and god bless the families of that tragedy.


  3. Disgusting, Sidney. Shame on you.


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