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Too Cool for School?

In the last couple of months I’ve written two posts (The Danger of Not Making an Effort & Just Show Up Man) about a guy in my class who was actually bothering me with his lack of effort.

I previously wrote that he was hardly showing up to class, usually missing safety and precautionary lessons for the risky modules and then endangering all of us with his stupidity.

I then told you about the time were he missed all but one period of a module and was actually surprised that the teacher wouldn’t let him write the exam.

With today’s post, I’m not sure if  I should be rejoicing, or feel bad for the kid.

We found out that he has been expelled from the school due to his poor attendance record.

I guess I kind of feel bad because he was always telling us about his past and how he was going to school to try to get his life back on track. Then again, that’s also the same reason I was so irked by his lack of effort and willingness to attend class on a regular basis.

One thing’s for sure, we now have one less shmuck  putting our lives and physical well-being at risk now.

He used to often tell us about his shenanigans he would do when not in school. I guess he was just too cool for school.


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One comment on “Too Cool for School?

  1. Back when I played junior hockey in predominantly French speaking teams, we had an expression for the beautiful response you had for this reader, and that was, “Dain Dents!”


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