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AK46, Cole, Betts & More

Hey everyone, it’s game day! #gohabsgo I’ll try to keep this post short using @chile_pepper‘s trusty bullet point format she sometimes uses for her posts.

  • So it seems Andrei Kostitsyn will start off the season tonight against the Toronto Maple Leafs on the first line having taken the spot of Erik Cole. Do I agree with this decision? Not entirely. The only reasoning I can think of that would justify AK46 being place on the first line is to see if he has an explosive start to the season as he saw last year. But even at that…it might not work out. Andrei needs to find a way to be more consistent or he might find himself being moved to another organization this year.
  • Erik Cole as I stated above, lost his spot to Andrei Kostisyn and will be starting tonight’s game on the third line with Mathieu Darche and David Desharnais. Although I don’t like that he isn’t on the first line. I can see why coach JM would want Cole on the third line. He most likely wants to have three scoring lines. That would help the team tremendously. I just hope he doesn’t shuffle the lines as often as he did last season.
  • I was glad about the acquisition of Blair Betts. He’ll add some good size and grit to the line up. Just imagine a line consisting of Moen, White & Betts. I was however disappointed to find out he wont be playing tonight due to the fact that he is injured.
  • So Malone wasn’t #Shanabaned for his hit to the head of Campoli. I can see what Shanahan meant when he said that Malone was committed to the hit before Campoli out his out down while lunging for the puck, but I think that at that point Malone should have avoided the hit. Thank God Campoli wasn’t seriously injured.
  • As for Andrei Markov, I hope he can make a comeback and have the usual impact he has on the team. The power play needs The General to come back! When he does come back I hope he can do so without sustaining another injury but IMO that is highly unlikely. Three injuries in a row makes him fragile in my book. I hope I’m wrong though.

Alright, that’s it for today. Enjoy the game!


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