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Calvillo, Cammalleri, Spacek etc…

  • This past Thanksgiving weekend Anthony Calvillo broke another record. This time he broke the All-Time Pro Football Passing Record of 72,381 yards previously held by Damon Allen. He is now the quarter back with the most passing yards in both the CFL and NFL (and some people say the CFL sucks…pffft!). By the end of the game Calvillo had brought his career total to 72,429 yards. What a Beast!
  • The Habs played the new Jets in Winnipeg’s regular season home opener. It was supposed to be a tough game for la Sainte Flanelle, but our boys didn’t let the sell out crowd of 15,004 fans slow them down. They restricted the Jets to runway and went on to defeat them5-1. There was some bad news though, two of the Canadiens regular starters were injured in the game.
  • Cammalleri was cut in the leg by Yannick Weber’s skate and left in the first period. I hope he can make a quick recovery and get back in action soon. As I stated in a previous post (I Got A Feeling) I have big expectations for Cammalleri this year, and a minor injury wont help at all.
  • The second player to get hurt was Jaroslav Spacek. Big whoop. Most of you who know me personally or who follow this blog know that I am not a fan of Spaz-check. I don’t want to come across as an arse and don’t get me wrong, I don’t wish injuries on anyone. But let me be frank, I feel that Spacek will better help the team on the IR list. Just my opinion.
  • It would seem as if I got a bit over excited by the acquisition of Blair Betts seeing that he his no longer part of the Montreal Canadiens organization. He was injured when claimed off waivers, so therefore the waiver claim was waived (does that make sense?) Anyway, how did Pierre Gauthier not know he was injured when claiming him? Who didn’t do their research?

That’s all I got for today. Have a good one!


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