Hit The Road Jacques

I know we’re only a few games into the season, but the Montreal Canadiens are off to a despicable start(1-4-1) that can go hand in hand with the disgusting pre season they had.

Before going on I want to point out that my opinions which are the fodder of this post are not solely based on the 6 games they’ve played this year under the direction of Jacques Martin. I have formed these opinions over the last three years as whole that Martin has “coached” the team.

One of the things that irks me about JM is the constant changing of line combinations. I understand wanting to mix things up if a line or two aren’t clicking, but it doesn’t make sense to me that he disturbs the lines that are producing goals. Most recently the line combination of Kostitsyn-Desharnais-Pacioretty seemed to be producing the most points and somewhat resembled what might be considered a first line. But they did not go unscathed. Nope, Jacques Martin separated them during the Colorado Avalanche, and to what avail? One measly point and a shootout loss. Players need chemistry to play well together, but they can’t develop chemistry if they don’t play with the same guys.

Second on the list would have to be his claim to being a “puck possession team” Bullshit. The Habs rarely posses the damned puck and when they do, they can’t keep it because his system demands that they dump it in when they reach the blue line. How can you claim to be a puck possession team when you spent most of the game in your own defensive zone?

The third and at times the most upsetting thing that upsets me about Jacques Martin is the blatant lack of emotion. When he’s standing behind the bench I see no thirst for victory, no drive, no passion. He seems like he’s just there to earn a paycheck. Is it just me? I don’t recall him getting pissed about a bad penalty or celebrate after a goal. I always felt that the coaches should show their emotions. Remember Carbo?

Speaking of Carbo, Montreal’s four previous coaches we’re all fired during or after their third year behind the bench. (Allain Vigneault 1997-2000, Michel Therrien 2000-2003, Claude Jullien 2003-2006 & Guy Carbonneau 2006-2009) I think Jacques Martin should keep the pattern going.

I understand that most of you will disagree and say that he is not the only problem. Some will say that there are too many injuries, but the Pittsburgh Penguins are also riddled with injuries and are doing just fine. Others will say that the players aren’t performing. To that my response is that if the coach cannot get the players to perform, that in itself is a big problem.

One last thing, what’s up with his notepad? I always see him taking notes that don’t affect the team at all! Is it his grocery list?



6 comments on “Hit The Road Jacques

  1. I vote to bring Carbo back.


  2. Have the players simply stopped playing for him?

    If the answer is yes – and not one of them would admit to this – JM will be gone very soon.

    Seen that story before. I say bring out the axe. But the playoffs this year will be a pipe dream.


  3. If they keep losing games a playoff berth is doubtful. It does seem as though certain players are not playing to their full potential. Thanks for reading James. Come back anytime :)


  4. I actually *like* seeing La Sainte Flanelle get off to a shitty start, if only to light a fire under their collective arses! Still, your point about JM needing to give time for chemistry to develop is well taken. He, on the other hand, has had more than enough. Bring on his pal Keenan! I’m joking…..sorta.


  5. […] What will it take for the Habs to start winning on a regular basis? Certainly not the firing of another assistant coach. You already know what I think the solution is, get rid of Jacques Martin. […]


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