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Habs Finally Win One

  • With the Habs having lost their sixth consecutive game at the hands of the Panthers, many fans (myself included) we’re calling for Jacques Martin’s head. I think I can speak for everyone when I say that the announcement an hour prior to the game that assistant coach Perry Pearn had been relieved of his duties came as quite a surprise.
  • After giving it some thought though, I realized that it kind of made sense. He was the defensive coordinator for the Canadiens and was involved with the special teams whose efforts are nothing more than futile thus far.
  • What a game Pacioretty played! I didn’t think he would play for at least another week when I heard he had partially torn ligaments in his wrist. Max had 2 goals and assist and was voted the games first star. Who knew he had a bionic wrist?
  • I know it’s only one game but it seems as if Erik Cole is starting to wake up. Tonight we saw the kind of player we we’re all expecting from the beginning of the season. He was fast, fought hard for the puck and created scoring chances.
  • Lars Eller is showing himself to be a valuable asset to the Canadiens organization. He also played a great game. Although he missed a couple of shots that he shouldn’t have. But he’s still young and has a lot to learn.
  • Carey Price finally earned his 100th career victory. He was outstanding tonight and I’m glad he was able to reach that milestone at home.
  • Tonight’s win his just a start. They still have many kinks to work out before I can change my mind about Martin. Let’s see what happens against the Bruins.

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