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Another Slump?

Did anyone else feel like that game was painful to watch? I for one thought it was. The Habs played maybe one good period in my opinion, they just couldn’t finish their plays. And what the hell was Tomas Plekanec thinking on that turnover?

I felt that they spent way too much time in their own zone, especially when the Hall-RNH-Eberle line was out.

The team I saw last night was much like the team I saw at the beginning of the season, it didn’t seem like they were meshing well together, which begs the question? Is this the start of another slump for the Habs?

They play their next two games out-of-town in Phoenix and Nashville, both of which can be difficult arenas to win in if you’re the visiting team. The Habs will be back in town on Monday, November 14th to play the Sabres.

Can they win any of those three games?

Not if they play the way they did last night.

What will it take for the Habs to start winning on a regular basis? Certainly not the firing of another assistant coach. You already know what I think the solution is, get rid of Jacques Martin.

One thing I can’t stand about Martin is his desire to play with 7 defencemen. It just doesn’t seem to work. Especially when the d-man you’re using up front is Yannick Weber, a guy that in the pre-season didn’t seem like he would make the team.

I also don’t like having Plekanec at the blue line for a power play, he is more of a defensive liability than an offensive threat.

Speaking of the power play, at the start of the season it wasnt working. JM changed it up and they had a few good power play shifts. But it’s not working anymore. Don’t wait for Markov to come back, fix it now.

What if Markov gets injured again? Are the Habs going to spend the rest of the season with a sub-par power play unit?

Before the start of the season, I wrote three posts explaining why I had a good feeling for Michael Cammalleri, PK Subban and Carey Price and how they were going to help the team succeed this year. I have to admit, I’m not so sure anymore.

There’s only so much they can do to help the team before they start to get overwhelmed. At times it seems like they have already reached that point.

One thing is certain, either Jacques Martin, Pierre Gauthier or Molson himself need to find a solution. If not, it will be a long and disappointing season in Montreal.


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