Alouettes Lose, Markov Practices & Lucic’s Hit on Miller.

  • The Alouettes were eliminated from the Grey Cup playoffs, and although I was disappointed I was not surprised. The fact that they had lost their three last games of the season had me doubting that they would be able to win their next three in order to win their third straight Grey Cup.
  • So Gomez played fourth line wing eh? Will he be staying there or will JM bring him back up to the second line? I didn’t mind seeing Gomez on the fourth line against Nashville. I don’t think he belongs on a fourth line, but maybe it will wake him up and he’ll start playing to his full potential.
  • There seems to be some good news about Andrei Markov’s injury seeing as he practiced with the team today while Hal Gill on the other hand did not practice. I hope Markov can make a comeback soon, the Habs need all the help they can get. Do I think he’s the solution? No. Why not? I think he will probably get hurt again.
  • Michael Cammalleri seems to be injured again. I don’t even know how he got injured this time. Injuries seem to be piling up for him as well. Could it be that he returned too early from an injury that wasn’t fully healed?
  • A few days ago when The Buffalo Sabres were in Boston, Milan Lucic nailed Ryan Miller after Miller beat him to a loose puck. What did you guys think of the hit? Personally I thought it was a dirty play. It was classless and uncalled for. We should see plays like that. I wanted to talk about this mostly to say kudos to Ryan Miller for his comments on the hit. If you haven’t seen the hit, you can find it on youtube. But here is the video of Miller’s comments:




2 comments on “Alouettes Lose, Markov Practices & Lucic’s Hit on Miller.

  1. Yeah, I personally think the hit on Miller was classless and completely unnecessary. You can see as Miller beats Lucic to the puck, Lucic does nothing to slow down, and actually throws his fists out at Miller to make the hit more violent. Boston fans might start saying that a goalie is subject to being hit when he leaves the crease, but an NHL caliber player such as Lucic, knows, understands the rules and was fully capable of slowing down or avoiding the hit.

    On Markov, would be nice to see him back, definitely could use his sight on the power-play, maybe put Plekanec back to C instead of point.
    Cammalleri… Wtf? Injured again… How does this seem to happen to him every 2nd game.


    • Thanks for reading Alex. IMO goalies in the NHL, or any sport, should be off limits at anytime. As for Cammalleri, it doesn’t appear to be a new injury but rather an old one that hasn’t healed as it should have.


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