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Habs Settle For Mediocrity

Despite the fact that Carey Price has been keeping his team in games to the best of his abilities thus earning him the Molson Cup for the months of October and November, the ugly truth is that the Habs aren’t that good at the moment.

I for one am very disappointed with the season they’ve been having. With players like Price, Pacioretty, Subban and Erik Cole in the line up, they should be doing better. Much better.

Many of my friends or Twitter followers are content with trying to see the “bright side” of things; at least they got the one point or, the Habs are only one point away from a playoff spot.

I don’t see a bright side. It pisses me off to see them lose games to the two worst teams in the league. The Habs are stinking it up right now.

Loss after loss we hear the same remarks from the players and from Jacques Martin: “We didn’t play hard enough. We werent focused tonight”. But nobody within the organisation seems to react and make the necessary changes, and that’s why O feel that the Habs have settled for mediocrity this season. How else can you explain the lackluster and sub-par performance night after night?

Is Molson going to do anything other than sit back and smile as fans pay redicoulus prices to watch this boring team at the Bell Center?

If you’ve read a previous post of mine, you know that I feel like firing Jacques Martin is one thing they can do to try to fix the team.

It’s been so bad lately that I find myself not rejoicing after a win. Instead I feel relieved and can’t stop thinking: “Thank God they won”


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