Is There Any Hope Left?

The last few weeks the Habs have given some of us fans  New Hope  False Hope with their performances. I really don’t know what to think of our beloved Bleu-Blanc et Rouge anymore.

What a great week they had last week wining four games in a row (3-0 vs Winnipeg Jets, 3-2 vs Pittsburgh Penguins, 4-2 vs New York Islanders and the 5-0 vs Toronto Maple Leafs). Scott Gomez even scored a goal against the Isles and the Habs are now 1-0 when Gomez Scores this season.

In contrast to last week, the Habs have lost their two games this week (5-3 vs Carolina Hurricanes & 4-3 vs Bruins) despite playing well.

The Pacioretty-Desharnais-Cole line is simply amazing this year combining for 130 points (57 goals and 73 assists) and Pacioretty is on pace for 34 goals.

Carey Price is also having a damn good year despite the low ranking in the Eastern Conference standings.

That’s the thing that bugs me, overall the Habs are playing some good hockey. They just can’t finish the plays for some reason. I don’t remember how many games they have lost when they had the lead but im pretty sure it’s in the 27-30 games range.

Had they capitalised on all those leads they would’ve had another 60 points in the standings and could’ve been in the top three.

We does this group of guys need to finish plays, to win more games, to be motivated? management got rid of Assistant Coach Perry Pearn and Head Coach Jacques Martin and I don’t really see a difference. They also traded away Micheal Cammalleri for Rene Bourque.

I just cant figure out why a group of guys like we have in Montreal with so much potential is sitting out of a playoff position.

I can’t even decide wether or not I want to see the team make a push and probably not make the playoffs, or if I want to see them unload their veterans before the trade deadline, call up a bunch of young guys and give them some NHL experience and hope for the best draft position possible.

What do you think?


4 comments on “Is There Any Hope Left?

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  2. dump them


  3. je suis triste- I’d hate to see a bunch of guys I like be traded away again.

    i feel like the media has way too much interference with our guys and are posssibly actually keeping a lot of people from growing. Habs fans and the media alike just want to se win after win and often ridicule players for mistakes but thats part of the game and learning and if we cant let players grow then what direction is the team headed.

    Nobody has patience in Montreal and as a result so many players become stars on other teams and thats just messed up.

    you cant get rid of all veterans a lot are fan favorites- and going into a new season with a frustrated fan base and a whole new team could be risky no?

    ex. plecky is a veteran – why would we trade him just because of that? he’s one of our only “iconic” players left…


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