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Trade Deadline Woes

The NHL trade deadline came and went and the Habs were pretty much inactive. They didn’t do much but trade Hal Gill and Andrei Kostitsyn to the Nashville Predators.

I would’ve liked to see Canadiens management deal a few more players to possibly stock up on draft picks so that they can make a decent attempt at rebuilding the proper way instead of the half-assed method of rebuilding with aging and costly veterans used by Bob Gainey in 2005, and I’m sure I wasn’t the only one.

But heck, that is way too much to ask.

About a week ago the Habs dealt Hal Gill and a conditional 5th round pick in 2013 to the Preds for Blake Geoffrion and Robert Slaney, as well as a second round draft pick in 2012.

When I saw that trade I laughed. Thought it was a steal. IMO the Habs would’ve been lucky to just get a 2nd round pick. Yeah sure Gill is a penalty kill force, but other than that? Don’t need him.

Yesterday Montreal traded Andrei Kostitsyn to Nashville for a second-round Draft pick in 2013 and the cancellation of a conditional fifth-round draft pick in 2013 that was part of the Gill trade.

I really don’t know what to think about this trade? Could the Habs have gotten more for AK46? I think so. I mean if Gaustad could fetch a first round pick from the Predators, Andrei sure as hell could’ve gone for that first rounder but management had the wool pulled over their eyes on that one. Then again, Kostitsyn is consistently inconsistent (say that one five times fast).

The way I see it the Habs should’ve delt a few more players away. After AK their biggest asset on Trade Deadline IMO was Travis Moen. They could’ve got allot for him from a team who is hoping to make a long playoff run and is willing to waive the medical exam seeing that he is injured.

Then there is also Mathieu Darche & Chris Campoli who will be a UFAs this summer. That’s two or more Draft picks lost. And let’s face it, the Habs need all the Draft picks they can get right now.

Oh and Brad Staubitz off waivers?! A big WTF to that one. Zero goals and zero assists in 43 games. Zilch, scratch, nada. Not a single point. All he has is a -7 rating and 73 PIMs. Great pick up.

All in all, the Canadiens made them selves seem like they would be sellers by the deadline by trading Gill a little over a week ago and Micheal Cammalleri during a game earlier this season. When in reality they were just going to unload a mediocre player who spoke out to the media about his ice time and be bystanders.

It seems this year that talking to Francois Gagnon about what irks a player is what got him traded instead of how what help the Club long term (thanks @andrewcidium for that one).

But these are just the opinions of one guy. I want to know what you think. Do you agree or disagree that the Habs should’ve done more? Please let me know in the comment section.

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One comment on “Trade Deadline Woes

  1. As usual great blog bro. Like we always talk about the habs are confused in their identity. Are we an offensive team or defensive team. Are we buyers or sellers. Well we were not buyers or sellers we were hoodwinked again by other teams. I’ve said it before that we need to blow up the team and start over with our core young players and take the heat for a couple of years to develop.


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