YEAH! Films Company, 3 Audrey & Tim’s Task Force

Edward 40-Hands, 3 Audrey

This post is a bit different from what I usually write about but I want to help out my buddy @DavidYFC who is an aspiring actor/writer. Working with YEAH! Films Company they have been able to put out many quality videos in a wide variety of genres from music to comedy. Despite there being so much good material to share, i wanted to tell you about two projects in particular.

If you live in Ontario, you might have already heard about a five episode web series he worked on with his friends about life at University of Western Ontario.

The series is called 3 Audrey and is a dramatization following the lives of a handful of colorful, energetic & eclectic characters and their lives at 3 Audrey which is the address of the home they are staying in.

The reason I think you might have heard about it is because of the response it earned from the school itself.

At first the school wanted the videos pulled because of the portrayal of the student’s activities during home-coming week.

The school has since changed its tune and is now using the web series as a tool to teach various aspects of film.

You can watch the first episode right here and find the rest of them on their Youtube page by clicking here.

Tim's Task Force

He also worked on a series of parody Tim Horton’s commercials entitled Tim’s Task Force. Where a team of über bad-ass agents are commissioned to make sure that no foreign nationals are permitted to purchase or distribute Tim Horton’s products.  These are videos that I think every Canadian should watch at least once. They make for a good laugh.

I won’t go into details about the video since the introduction explains it as best as possible.

Once again, here’s the first episode and you can find the rest on their Youtube page by clicking here.

The team is currently in Ottawa shooting a new short-film called ‘Poser’. Although my bro David will not appear in it, he will however be part of it as a creative director on the project.

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3 comments on “YEAH! Films Company, 3 Audrey & Tim’s Task Force

  1. Thanks for sharing this to your Blog Rob! These guys are film gods. Complete hilarity in both series. Utter Genius


    • Also, I cant wait to see what they come up with for “Poser”. It sounds like it will be Epic!


      • Thanks for stopping by and reading the Blog Tony.

        I have to admit, the guys at YEAH! Films Company have the great ability to come up with original and fun material and they don’t seem to be able to get anything wrong.

        These two series along with other videos on their Youtube channel are all well made and great quality and even greater source of entertainment.

        I too can’t wait to see what they can do with “Poser”.

        Once again, thanks for reading.


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