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So Long Mister Gauthier

GTFO Gauthier

Praise Geoff Molson! Pierre Gauthier and Bob Gainey have been sacked!

I know this is already old news. I’m also aware that I should’ve written about it last week, but I was sick and didn’t have the energy to do any writing, but I digress.

I’ve been saying for a while now that I felt that PG needed to go.

To be more precise, I’ve been saying he needed to go after Perry Pern & Jacques Martin were shown the door to no avail.

Gauthier just kept making bad decisions this year. They seemed like desperation moves just so he can keep his job longer.

The Kaberle trade for example. Admittedly, I disliked Spaz-cek a lot. I almost hated him, but when I realized the we were not getting “Toronto-Kaberle”, even I was pissed about the trade and wanted Spazy back.

The Cammalleri-Bourque trade was also useless. Some people try to defend Bourque by saying he was unmotivated by coming into a losing team with no playoff hopes. What a load of bull. I can think of 3 million reasons he has to be motivated.

Honestly, I feel the only good moves he made as a GM was the signing of Erik Cole & Gorges. I also feel you can file the Staubitz pick up in the good-moves folder. That’s just my opinion and I think we can all agree that PG hasn’t done much more to brag about.

I looking forward to the announcement of the new GM and even more so to what kind of moves will be made during the off-season.

Will Price and Subban be resigned? Should they resign other free agent players like Moen (maybe) and Darche (I hope not)?

Should be an interesting summer. Thank god it won’t be Gauthier rebuilding the team.

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