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The Bag of Loonie Rollers

Not too long ago I started working at Tim Horton’s because I needed a second job. We make pretty good tips there and my delivery partner from the AV store wanted to help me out by giving me coin rollers.

I figured it was a good idea. I wouldn’t have to pay for coin rollers, and it was free. Who doesn’t like free stuff?

I was expecting to get a bag of assorted coin rollers.

Boy was I wrong. Instead I received a big bag of loonie rollers. I don’t think I’ll ever finish them. The whole time I’ve been at Tim’s I’ve probably only received maybe 30 loonies in my tips, maybe less. What the hell am I supposed to do with this big bag of rollers?

The funniest part was when he told me he had more. “In a month from now if you need more don’t be shy to ask me Robert. I’m serious, I have six more bags like that!”

I can guarantee I wont be asking him for more. I wont need them. I don’t even need these ones.



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