Mr. Gauthier; A bad GM & A Jerk To Boot

We know how bad Pierre Gauthier was as a GM for the Montreal Canadiens without my having to reiterate his series of bad decisions, poor trades and terrible management of players and personnel.

I though I’d be done with talking about Pierre Gauthier on my Blog but the recent story that surfaced about Cammalleri and his jersey upset me and I felt the need to share my views on the situation.

After playing nearly three seasons with the Canadiens, Cammalleri was traded mid game on January 12th to the Calgary Flames.

When Cammy learned about the trade he asked Pierre Gauthier if he can keep his Habs jersey as a souvenir. Gauthier apparently replied to him that he would have to buy it. What a Jerk!

Some people argue the fact that Cammalleri makes millions and could afford to pay for the jersey.

That’s not the point though. At least not the way I see it. Despite having a decrease in his points contribution to the team this year, overall Cammalleri was an asset to the team and helped them throughout his tenure with the Habs.

We all have great memories of Cammalleri with Montreal and I’m sure he does as well. That’s why he wanted to keep the jersey no? I mean it is the jersey he wore while playing for the most storied franchise in NHL history.

It seems as though little by little Geoff Molson is fixing things and making them better. Regaining some respect for the team.

Cammalleri tweeted this today:

Reports say there were no receipts with the jersey or letter. It is a minuscule thing compared to all the things Molson has to fix with the Club but it is a significant gesture to give Cammalleri the jersey he wanted to keep.

Good on you Mr. Molson, but for Gauthier all I can say is: For shame!

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6 comments on “Mr. Gauthier; A bad GM & A Jerk To Boot

  1. He always rubbed me the wrong way but this just tops it off, Thank god he’s gone.


  2. A grade-A chump. He should never have been given the Habs GM job. He ran the team aground both on and off the ice with his ‘cone of silence’ methods.

    We’ll see who, if anyone, ever gives him another job in any capacity other than a scout.


    • Thanks for reading Kyle.

      A grade-A chump indeed.

      I don’t know how he can get another job. A lot of his moves this season made him out to look like a fool.

      As if that weren’t enough now the media and rest of this league is aware of the Cammalleri jersey incident. I doubt if anyone wants to hire a GM who treats player (current or departed) in that manner.


  3. It makes me wonder how he treated the players that are still here. Hopefully, if there are any fences to be mended, Bergevin will be able to do it.


    • Yes I agree. I hope that he didn’t ruin the moral of the players or make them feel like they want to leave this team. I already get the impression that Bergevin has to do some damage control and to fix problems like that would be an unneeded load on his already full plate.
      Thanks for reading!


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