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My Tips Aren’t Up For Grabs

I know that customers aren’t obligated to tip us at Tim Horton’s and I understand that customer doesn’t like to feel like it’s expected of them. I agree 100% that whether or not a cashier will get a tip should be based on merit and not because it’s what social convention dictates.

I am extremely grateful when I receive a tip and always make sure to thank the customer.

What led me to write this post are two separate situations where customers didn’t tip me. Which is OK, it is their choice after all. What made it different is that they went ahead and decided that they were going to take away tips that I had received from a previous customer, and that I don’t agree with.

The first scenario was with a customer who was ordering a coffee and doughnut late at night. I rang up the customer’s total and after counting their change the customer realized that they were $0.75 short of the total. I guess the customer really wanted that coffee and doughnut because without hesitation or asking, he reached out and grabbed the missing amount  from my tips that were on the counter put it all in my hand and walked over to the side of the counter where they receive their order. I didn’t know how to react, I had never been in that situation and so I just let it slide. I took the money and put into the cash. So in that case, not only did I not get a tip but I was left with $0.75 less tips than I did when that customer walked in. I never thought someone would do that. My manager later on told me that I shouldn’t have accepted it because the tip money is mine and I shouldn’t have to help the customers pay for their food.

The second was with a customer who wanted a doughnut and didn’t have enough change on them. When I told her the total she replied with “I don’t have enough.” I’m sorry but in most businesses if the customer doesn’t have enough money the sale is dropped so I told her I couldn’t sell her the doughnut. The customer then insisted that she didn’t have enough and pointed at the tips on the counter as if to imply that I take the missing amount from the tips. Don’t get me wrong, if you are a regular customer who comes in night after night and usually tips and just this once you don’t have enough, I’ll most likely help you out. But I’m not about to start to doing that for every customer who walks in. I wont have any tips left.

Now it might seem like something small and insignificant, but those tips add up. For someone like me who is going to school full-time and working part-time, after few weeks those tips can help me put food in the fridge. So the way I see it, you’re not obligated to tip me, but I’m not obligated to dig into my tips if the customer doesn’t have enough money.

Am I wrong about this?

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