Racist Bruins Fans

Being a Habs fan I’ve had to endure many frustrating debates with classless Bruins fans during regular season or playoff hockey games whenever the two bitter rivals played against each other.

I’m not saying their all classless. Some of them I can actually have a civilized conversation with. That’s why I wasn’t surprised to see both ends of the spectrum of Bruins fans on Twitter following Boston’s overtime loss to the Washington Capitals.

At first I only saw what was on my timeline and most of it was clean congratulatory tweets towards the Caps. Other acknowledging the great play of Braden Holtby. It was until I decided to search “NHL” on Twitter in hopes of seeing other reactions did I realize the full extent of how classes some Bruins fans can be. The following tweet is just one of many examples of what I saw:

Like I said that’s only one example. I found a whole lot more at chripstory.

Some of the tweets or accounts have since been deleted due to the large-scale backlash that erupted on Twitter following the racial slurs, and others have actually apologized for their comments.

There is no way of knowing if it was a sincere apology or of they just caved and tried to shut people up. I’m pretty sure those people learned the hard way that what you say gets around quick, especially on social media platforms.

It sucks to see people react like that to Ward scoring the winning goal.

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3 comments on “Racist Bruins Fans

  1. Willie O’Ree should be impressed by this outburst! #sarcasm

    All kidding aside, he broke the colour barrier in hockey IN BOSTON over 50 years ago, and people still think this way. It’s awful, even if it’s easy to tap out 140 characters of stupidity and impulse.

    Future employers who run background checks may be dismayed at what they see from their potential employee. Tough luck is what I say.


    • Good point about Willie O’Ree. These people have to be careful what they say because even if they delete their tweets there are still ways to find it if it was screen-caped and shared. It could totally bite them in the ass if a potential employer does a background check, you’re absolutely right about that. Watch out for bad karma! Thanks for reading Kyle.


  2. Damn shame some people still think like that and act like that, but ignorance never dies; it just gets misplaced into their kids.


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