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Don’t Pedestrians Have The Right of Way?

I almost got hit by a car just around the corner from my house the other day.

I’m not surprised, it isn’t the first time that other people, my fiancé or I nearly get hit by a car at that T-intersection even if a pedestrian crosswalk is clearly visible from the painted lines on the street.

I almost got hit by a car, but not just any car. I almost got hit by a cop. Who drove off by the way, without stopping after he nearly hit me.

This is how it happened; I got off the bus at around 10 pm coming home from work. There were about five police cruisers in the parking lot of the corner store at the bus stop near my house and one more cruiser in the parking lot of the neighbouring mall.

The cops from all six cruisers we’re finishing writing tickets for a bunch of underage teens who apparently tried to steal alcohol from the corner store.

I walked right by them to get to the crosswalk on the other end of the parking lot and was about to cross when I stopped to look both ways and five of the police cruisers sped by the crosswalk.

After they drove off, I looked both ways once again and saw that there were no cars coming from either direction and that the sixth police cruiser was still parked behind me.

I started crossing and that’s when I heard tires screeching. I stopped where I was and realised that it was the sound of the sixth police cruiser peeling out of the parking lot behind me and driving around me at high-speed through the pedestrian crosswalk I was about to use. No sirens, no warning at all.

Now while I am glad I made it home unscathed I was also really angry about the fact that I almost sustained serious injuries from a cop who was in a hurry to go god knows where.

Many a time have crossed at that corner and wondered “where are the cops when you need them?” after avoiding beeing struck by a vehicle. But that night the cop was the one who nearly hit me.

What kind of bullshit is that? Whats the use of putting up signs and reminders about pedestrian crosswalks? Why remind drivers of the possible fine for not yielding to a pedestrian? Whats the point of making sure that pedestrian crosswalks are clearly painted on our roads? Whats the point of doing all that if law enforcement doesn’t even follow the laws they are supposed to uphold?

Am I right to be angry about this or am I over-reacting?


What do you think?

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