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2012 Playoffs, School & Work

  • Now that the Senators have been eliminated from the playoffs I find myself uninterested with the playoffs.
  • They were the last Canadian team to be eliminated and now I have to team to cheer for. I really could care less about who wins the cup now.
  • However, if Toronto would be in the playoffs (and that’s a big if considering it’s Toronto) I still would’ve lost interest. Come playoff time I usually support any Canadian team, but I ‘ll never support the Leafs in the playoffs. Because it’s Toronto.
  • Although I’m not following the playoffs I still see the scores every once in  while on TV & the web and my opinion is that the Los Angeles Kings will meet the Philadelphia Flyers in the final.
  • My school is very badly organized lately, just a few weeks ago we had no class room for nearly a whole period because every room on both floors were being used. Apparently there are too many groups for the number of classrooms.
  • This week we started a new module and our teacher was late the first day. Why? He wasnt scheduled to teach that day.
  • That means that the school schedule our new module with no teacher. It’s not the first time, I’ve been in this school for over a year now and it’s happened with nearly every module after the first four.
  • I currently work two part-time jobs while studying full-time and it’s getting pretty tiring. But that might be changing soon.
  • The original job I had is considering closing the store weeknights for the second year in a row which would leave me with only one day a week at that job.
  • If they do close, I will most likely quit that job and give two more days of availability to Tim’s. There is really no point in staying at the other job for only 6 hours a week.

Well, those are the only updates I got for today. Have a good one.

Thanks for reading!


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