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Reckless Driver

I was on my way to school this morning when the bus I was on encountered a reckless driver.

I never saw it coming but the bus was hit leaving the bus terminal by a car whose driver was apparently speeding and didn’t obey the stop sign posted at the exit of the bus terminal.

I was sitting with my back towards the oncoming car when in a split second I heard a woman scream, a loud bang, then quiet. That quietness that followed the impact when everybody was looking around and realizing what had just happened was a bit eerie.

I don’t know how fast the guy was going but I imagine it was pretty damn fast. When he hit the bus the car had enough inertia to tip the bus slightly to one side, which knocked me off my seat and onto my feet while others were thrown against the windows on the other side of the bus.

The impact was also hard enough that the guy slightly cut his forehead on the steering wheel even with the air-bag deploying.

I didn’t notice anyone on the bus with an injury so that’s a good thing. The woman who screamed was crying afterwards, I guess she was freaked out because the car hit the bus exactly where she was sitting and she saw it coming.

I’m glad it wasn’t a bigger car like a pick-up truck or something, it would’ve been worse and people could’ve gotten hurt.

I have no idea why the driver was going so fast or why he didn’t stop. Why can’t people follow the rules when driving? Why must some people be reckless and put others at risk?

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