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Habs Finally Hire a New GM

The wait is over, after 32 long days Geoff Molson has finally hired a new Executive Vice-President  and General Manager.

He chose Marc Bergevin and so far it seems to be a logical choice, he has many good qualities that should help him do his job, and on top of that he looks like a bad-ass in this picture.

There was just one thing I disagreed with in the press conference and that was when Geoff Molson stated:

Today marks the first step towards rebuilding a winning team.

I think that’s completely false. The way I see it, the first step was taken a while back when they gradually got rid of the three stooges that ruined things for the organization; Jacques Martin, Pierre Gauthier and Bob Gainey.

I like the fact that he’s a home boy. Born and raised in beautiful MTL. I also like his progression through the Chicago Blackhawks in various management positions. He has a lot of experience especially in the “Player Personnel” department and that’s a great attribute.

I honestly can’t say he was “my choice” for the new GM because I didn’t follow the race at all. I just knew it would definitely be a better GM than Pierre Gauthier. I feel confident in this GM already because of three points he brought up:

  • PK Subban & Carey Price’s contracts are priority.
  • The he is just a piece of the puzzle and they will all have to work together.
  • That he will stress a “team first” mentality instead of an individualistic one.

All in all I agree with this hiring. I stated in a previous post that Geoff Molson was fixing things for the better and regaining some respect for the team. The selection of Bergevin is one big step towards that goal.

Bergevin for the Win.


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