Stupid Naked Students

The ongoing student “strike” in Quebec has gone on longer than it has in previous years and has reached new levels.

So far many of the protests have ended in violence, been declared illegal and arrests have been made.

Thursday’s protest although peaceful was completely ridiculous in my opinion and totally unrelated to the cause except maybe a french play on words and I see that as a big maybe.

Protestors took to the streets in the nude, or pretty damn close to it in most cases. Baring it all the students also bared signs stating: “On est à un poil d’une entente” meaning “we are a hair away from an agreement”. But if you say “a poil” it means to be naked which is that stupid play on words I mentioned.

What the hell does taking to the streets naked have to do with tuition? Nothing. I’m aware they wanted to get attention and they got it. Probably not the way they wanted to, they just made themselves look like idiots.

Then I heard CLASSE’s counter proposal to the tuition hikes and I see it as being completely nonsensical.

While I admittedly don’t know all the details, what I do know about the proposal includes:

  • The Government will freeze tuition fees at the 2007 rate, whatever that is.
  • That the Government will completely eliminate tuition five years from now.
  • Higher taxes for financial institutions and cut university research funding to pay the tuition.

Essentially they eventually want free tuition.

I honestly think that’s too much to ask for. Who do they think they are? Why the fuck do they deserve a free education? (excuse my french) while the rest of Canada will continue to pay for a tuition that at this rate will always be higher than in Quebec even with the proposed hike?

Seriously, these students are really starting to piss me off. Their continuous strikes, they paralyze downtown, shut down the metro system with bags of bricks and smoke bombs, go gallivanting around town naked and now this stupid counter-offer. I’m starting to hate them almost as much as the Leafs which is hard to do because it’s Toronto and I really do hate them, but I digress.

These students need to wake up. They need to stop all this bullshit. They need to go back to class.

They don’t deserve free tuition. Financial institutions shouldn’t have to pay for their education. They should be grateful for having the lowest tuition fees in the country.

But that’s just my opinion, what’s yours?

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2 comments on “Stupid Naked Students

  1. Boy do I agree with you enough all ready.I understand the rights in protesting but when it gets to this point of paralyzing downtown.Shutting down the metros is not the way to go about it. It’s a good way to piss people off and not get support… Just my opinion


    • I couldn’t agree more with you. At this point I wouldn’t be surprised if they lost some of the public support they had already earned. It’s starting to feel like an attack.

      Thanks for reading and sharing your thoughts!


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