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Terrorists Among Protestors?

Just last week I wrote a post about the student protests and how I felt it was getting ridiculous. I wrote that post the morning after hearing about, and seeing images of the naked protest on the news.

What I didn’t talk about is how I feel about the ongoing protest in general. I’ve discussed this feeling with many of my peers and while some disagree most feel the same as I do.

I am starting to feel that a lot of these protests are turning more and more into threats. Especially when the innocent citizens of the community are affected in all kinds of unfavorable ways.

The broken windows downtown, sabotaging the metro system and the throwing of debris onto the Ville Marie autoroute are just some of the examples of what I consider to be attacks on our city and I strongly believe that the police should treat them as such.

At first, that was the only way for me to express my feelings about the increasing absurdity of the protests and the extent to which they disturb the public.

But today my friend Steve tweeted the following statement, and I wholeheartedly agree that it applies to the current situation:

Can some of these protestors be labeled terrorists? Are they using acts of terrorism? Personally, I believe so, not in the sense that they are suicide bombers ready to blow things up at any moment or that they are going around killing people.

What Steve tweeted is in fact the exact definition at dictionary.com. The extremist images the media bombards us with do not always provide a full understanding of the word terrorism.

It has been said that the violent protestors are not students and that they are just a bunch of rabble-rousers looking for an opportunity to wreak havoc and chaos in our streets.

In my opinion, the students do have some blame in this though.

How can all these hoodlums show up at these student protests, cause damage incite violence and keep doing it over and over again at each protest and not be noticed and turned in by the “peaceful” protestors?

They must have some kind of connection to the students if they know where and when the protests will take place. There are probably students out there who are not only informing them of the planned protests but perhaps even encouraging them to go along and push protestors and cops to the breaking point.

Then of course there’s the anarchists.

The ones who do stuff apart from the protests. I’m talking about the ones who sabotaged the metro system this morning with smoke bombs at Jean Talon, Préfontaine and Lionel Groulx metro stations.

This most recent attack caused the whole metro system to be shutdown for approximately two hours and delays for about 200,000 to 300,000 commuters according to the STM.

Some of the reactions displayed on Twitter was one of fear. Fear for the safety of commuters when using the metro system. Some even asked the question; if they were able to detonate a smoke bomb, what will stop it from being a lethal explosive device next time.

I have to agree with them, their fear is rational. These smoke bombs in the metro system were done with the sole purpose of instilling fear in the innocent citizens.

They want us to be scared. They want us to fear them or what they will do next with the hopes that we will call out to the government and plead with our elected officials to put an end to the madness.

These terrorists among the protestors want to use us as pawns to push their agenda, and it’s not right.

Something needs to be done.

Either the students will have to rat out these pests, the government come to an agreement with the students, or law enforcement will simply have to increase surveillance and man-power to keep the city safe.

Who knows what these SOBs will try next.

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One comment on “Terrorists Among Protestors?

  1. I don’t care whether they are terrorists or not if I catch some one doing that shit I’ll end them right there n then. I’m fucking fed of they’re shit it already takes me an hour an a half to get to work before they start they’re shit. They are hurting their cause by doing this because people are not sympathizing for them anymore they are just pissed off at them now. Anyone who sees these acts of vandalism and terrorism should stop them and call the police before this escalates from smokebombs to actually explosives


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