Why I Won’t Watch The Avengers…Yet

Just like most guys, I too enjoy comic books and the alternate universes in which Superheros are permitted to exist and have the task of protecting the average everyday citizen like myself. I also enjoy watching the occasional superhero movie. However, I don’t enjoy all the movies, just like I don’t like all the comic books.

When it comes to comic books and superhero movies I prefer the DC universe over the Marvel universe. I haven’t really figured why I prefer DC but it might have something to do with the fact that my favorite superhero is from Detective Comics.

I called this post “Why I Won’t Watch The Avengers…Yet” because I will watch The Avengers at one point, just not anytime soon. I’ll wait until it plays on television like I did for Iron Man. I’m not willing to buy an expensive movie ticket (2 if I go with my fiancé) for a Marvel movie. The last superhero movie that I did pay to watch in theaters was The Dark Knight, and it was amazing. Heath Ledgers portrayal of The Joker was legendary and did a number on my nerves because I have a fear of clowns. Whereas the last Marvel movie I paid to watch was Spiderman 3 and it sucked.

I haven’t seen Thor or Captain America yet simply because I haven’t stumbled across them on the tube. I’ve been told that I would probably like Captain America because part of the story involves World War 2 and I enjoy history, but I doubt it.

I have however watched both Iron Man and Iron Man 2 when they played on the Movie Network. I did actually enjoy both films and I think it’s only because  Tony Stark/Iron Man is so similar to my favorite DC superhero which of course is Bruce Wayne/Batman. Both of them are playboy billionaires who inherited their fathers’ companies and both had to develop their abilities, equipment and personas. None of this “I have special powers” bullshit.

Don’t get me wrong, I find the powers that some characters have to be amazing but I prefer a guy like Bruce who has no crazy abilities and is still considered a superhero.

Like I said, I like the Tony Stark character and he is one reason I’ll watch The Avengers when it’s on TV. It helps that he is portrayed by Robert Downey Jr because I honestly enjoy watching his movies. It seems he can’t go wrong with his roles.

That brings me to a second reason that I will consider watching The Avengers after it’s network debut; Samuel L Jackson. How can anyone resist a movie he’s in? I sure as hell can’t. I love when he goes into an “all caps rage” he somehow manages to do it in every movie.

I want to end this post with one more reason why I wont pay to watch The Avengers. I see this as a BIG mistake from the studio or casting department and it easily could’ve been avoided; why the hell does Chris Evans portray both Johnny Storm/Human Torch AND Steve Rogers/Captain America?

How could they have let the same actor portray two characters who are both from the Marvel universe? Two characters who if I’m not mistaken have fought alongside each-other in older Marvel comic books. It just doesn’t make sense to me.


6 comments on “Why I Won’t Watch The Avengers…Yet

  1. As a kid I was more of a Marvel kid. WAY more. When I look through my box of old comics, it’s literally 95% Marvel. Nowadays that percentage is not quite inverted, but I’m DC-heavy now to be sure. In the 80’s and 90’s, Marvel characters were more relatable to the regular kid, while DC was..flaccid to me. With DC’s new reboot, I can’t get enough. I was following up to 14 different comics from DC’s new universe, and have had to trim it down to a more manageable 7.

    It’s very easy to explain why the Marvel movies have had their struggles, while DC has utterly nailed it with Batman. The rights to Marvel characters are scattered across different studios (Fox, Sony, Marvel/Disney). This is no small reason why movies like Fantastic Four (1 and 2), Daredevil, Elektra, and to some extent (though not to the same putrid degree) the X-Men & Spider Man movies were so bad. Oh, Wolverine: Origin was also cringe worthy. There’s no continuity and no coherence throughout these movies, and there should be. These studios have little respect for the history of the stories, characters, and frankly, the fans. They’d much rather pump out movies that they know will make money rather than get them right. Fantastic Four is being rebooted, and this is because if Fox doesn’t have a movie in production by X amount of time following the release of the last movie, the rights revert to Marvel. Rather than let that happen, studios will always churn out another movie just so that they don’t lose the rights.

    Now that Marvel is making their own movies, we’ve seen movies like Iron Man, Captain America and Thor, all of which were very good, or excellent. I have yet to see Avengers, but I’ve been dying to see it for a long time. Just need to find a babysitter so the wife and I can get out to watch it!


  2. Dudeeee. You don’t know what your missing!
    Besides Disney bought Marvel so
    Now the movies have so much more work put into it. And in all honesty you can’t judge these new movies based on Spider man because they were all garbage.

    Also technically the only one with “super powers” in the movie is The Hulk and maybe Captain America. The Hulk was an accudent ad Captain America was basically a science project.

    And if Im not mistaken- they will be revamping the fantastic four just like they are spider man.

    But hey I don’t pay to Watch em- unless I wanna watch a second time which I will on DBOX


  3. I know what you mean, Samuel L. Jackson & Robert Downey Jr. are awesome but I won’t go to a movie unless it’s free (with Faye) or a cheapy-Tuesday (almost never). I don’t want to wait until it gets on tv, I’ll most-likely stream it online though. xD


  4. fantastic four belong to FOX and The avengers to the marvel studios there not from the same univers…and if you haven’t seen Marvel movies you should start becose the Marvel is creating a universe it start with iron man in 2008 and end in the avengers and that was only fase 1 they have 2 mor fases the next fase is iron man 3, thor the dark world, captain america the winter soldier, guardians of the galaxy and there rumors about black panthern and the all together in the avenger 2 and for the third fase we have the confirmation of ant-man and DrStrange


  5. So you’ll watch Captain America but not The Avengers where Chris Evans plays Cap? Because he played Torch in a horrible version of the FF that’s being relaunched from another film company 20th Century Fox that means the Marvel Studios characters (Avengers) will never meet them? So does that mean you’ll be skipping Days of Future Past and Avengers 2 because different people play Quicksilver?


    • Cristobal, you might have noticed from the time-stamp ( May 16, 2012) that this is a pretty old blog post. I have since watched all the Marvel movies. Except X-Men, haven’t gotten around to those yet.

      Speaking of Quicksilver, I honestly do think that it will be weird seeing two incarnations of Quicksilver the same year. I feel it would be better if it was the same actor since the inclusion of Quicksilver/Scarlett Witch in Avengers 2 acknowledges the existence of mutants in Marvels cinematic universe.

      One thing I know for sure, I still prefer DC over Marvel.


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