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Carey Price, Canadiens’ Hirings & The Stanley Cup Finals

  • P.K. Subban recently caused quite the stir on Twitter when he tweeted to all his followers that they should stay tuned because he had a major announcement. Immediately people thought that Bergevin had come to an agreement with the charismatic defenseman.
  • In reality, his announcement was only to officially welcome his best Bro Carey Price to the social platform.
  • In reaction, I tweeted that now that Carey Price was on Twitter we would be treated to some good quotes and a few laughs.
    As you can see, he did not disappoint with his first tweet by mocking ex-teammate Hal Gill:
  • Bergevin has indeed made some moves, just not in the player contracts/acquisition department.
  • He hired Rick Dudley who must have been glad to leave the shitty-Leafs. Because it’s Toronto. But I digress.
  • Dudley was hired as an assistant general manager and awarded assistant GM Larry Carrière with a contract extension.
  • Not long after that he hired Scott Mellanby as Director of Player Personnel.
    With these two acquisitions I feel that Canadiens’ management is indeed moving in the right direction starting with a rebuild of the front office.
  • Both Rick and Scott offer a extensive experience that will help them in their new jobs and both are also well liked throughout the league.
  • As for the Stanley Cup finals, I knew that it was going to be New Jersey and LA in the final. Just like I’m pretty certain that the Devils will win the Cup.
  • It goes without question that Martin Brodeur will play a huge part for NJ in the finals but to be completely honest, I think Zach Parise will also play a big, if not bigger, role in the Devil’s conquest of the Cup.
  • Brian Gionta must be so proud of his little brother. Oh by the way RDS it’s pronounced Steven and not Stéphane.

One comment on “Carey Price, Canadiens’ Hirings & The Stanley Cup Finals

  1. Ha ha great blog bro. Just one thing. The Devils won’t win the cup ahahhahahaha


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