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Earning My Stripes

After last night I can honestly say that I have earned my stripes. Just not in the traditional sense of the expression.

Last night was a pretty busy night at Tim’s. I don’t know if it was because of the people at the soccer game near by trying to get out of the rain, or just people who went to go watch a movie on Cheapie-Tuesday. Maybe it was a combination of both.

It also didn’t help that there was a new girl working. She had done her training in another restaurant and was working for the first time at ours. She was pretty lost and having a hard time keeping up with the amount of customers we had last night.

Needless to say we were overwhelmed because we hadn’t been that busy in a long time. For a about two hours straight it felt like we were understaffed.

I was running back and forth like crazy. Making my customer’s coffees and other drinks all the while trying to show the new chick where certain things were located in our Tim’s. Sometimes I even had to take a few minutes to brew some coffee for her just to help her out.

There was one crazy old man however that cheered me up. He must have been waiting in line for about 10 minutes when he got to my cash.

I punched in his order and charged him. He paid with a Tim Card and then moved over to the side to wait. He was smiling the whole time. It was a creepy smile.

When I finally gave him his coffee he said to me: “I don’t have any change to tip you with but you’re working very hard young man.” I said thanks; that it was fine, and to have a good night. To that he replied by yelling: “Here’s a zebra for your efforts!” Handed me the zebra in the photo, broke into a hysterical laugh and left.

That was by far the most bizarre and hilarious thing that’s happened to me at Tim’s.

I kept the zebra and named it Paul. It’s a great memory that I’ll be laughing about for a long time.

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