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Portugal’s Euro 2012: Group Stage After Two Games

I’ve been so excited to watch the Euro this year and now it has finally begun.

I was unable to watch the first half of the Portugal-Germany game because I was at a family event. But I did get to see the second half.

I was told that Portugal had played really well in the first half, completely dominating the Germans. For some reason they couldn’t keep up the same pressure in the second until after they were scored on.

Speaking of the goal, where did this guy Gomez come from? Unless it’s the new typical German name I don’t think he’s German. Also, why can’t Scott score? It’s obviously not because he’s a Gomez.

I was really impressed at the athleticism of some of the Portuguese players. Ronaldo and Coentrão are so fast! Nani managed to get the ball while in the air through some unbelievable acrobatics on many occasions.

It was the first time that I saw Varela play and I was very impressed. He even got two scoring chances after he came on to replace Meireles but I felt that he should’ve blasted the ball at one point or at least gotten under it a bit more in order to lift it over the keeper instead of lightly tapping it into the keeper’s hands.

To be honest I was completely satisfied with the loss of only 1-0 to Germany. I was expecting a lot worse. I believed it would end 3-0 for Germany.

Then came game 2 against Denmark and I wasn’t able to watch any of it because i was in school. From what I heard about the game from others and from what I read online is that Portugal once again started by dominating the game, let off a bit and was dominant at the end of the second half.

I’m glad that they we’re able to walk away from this one with a win because Denmark could be a surprisingly challenging team at times.

Varela once again came on as a sub and continued his great play earning the third and decisive goal for the Seleccão das Quinas. Maybe coach Paolo Bento should consider starting him in the next game against the Netherlands.

Ronaldo, while having multiple chances is going to have to step up his game bug time.

As for the game against the Netherlands. I’m not worried at all. They have met 9 times in previous international games since 1990 and Portugal has the winning record. If history is a factor, than Portugal should win this game. If you’re as curious as I was, here’s the history and outcome of games played between Portugal and the Netherlands:

Games won: 6
Games drawn: 3
Games lost: 1
Date Match Result Score Competition
17 Oct 1990 Portugal v Netherlands W 1-0 European Championship
16 Oct 1991 Netherlands v Portugal L 1-0 European Championship
12 Feb 1992 Portugal v Netherlands W 2-0 International
22 Feb 1995 Netherlands v Portugal W 0-1 International
10 Feb 1999 Portugal v Netherlands D 0-0 International
11 Oct 2000 Netherlands v Portugal W 0-2 FIFA World Cup
28 Mar 2001 Portugal v Netherlands D 2-2 FIFA World Cup
30 Apr 2003 Netherlands v Portugal D 1-1 International
30 Jun 2004 Portugal v Netherlands W 2-1 European Championship
25 Jun 2006 Portugal v Netherlands W 1-0 FIFA World Cup

*Source: http://www.11v11.com

The Netherlands don’t seem to be in such good shape anyway having lost their two first games. They are usually a more powerful team and Van Persie, much like Ronaldo hasn’t been all that effective aside from his one goal against Germany.

We’ll see what happens.

Força Portugal

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One comment on “Portugal’s Euro 2012: Group Stage After Two Games

  1. thank you for all the things learned from here and congratulations for the good work.


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