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The Bet

With Euro 2012 well under way we have all started to support our nations, some people support other nations if there teams didn’t qualify or are ineligible to play in the Euro.

With that comes trash talking. We trash talk our friends who support other countries and with me, that includes trash talking with my landlord.

With him being italian and myself being portuguese, you can imagine that the trash talking can get to be quite the spectacle.

This year our trash talking evolved into “The Bet”.

At first The Bet involved who would win, Portugal or Italy. That wouldn’t have worked because they don’t play each other.

It then changed to who would win the Euro, Portugal or Italy. But we figured that wouldn’t work either. Realistically, we don’t really see any of the two winning the Euro with teams like Spain and Germany in the mix.

Finally we agreed on what would decide the outcome of The Bet.

We agreed that the winner of the bet would be decided on most games won.

So here are the terms:

If Portugal wins the most games, I get to snap a photo of my landlord putting the Portuguese flag on his balcony.

Same thing applies to me; if Italy were to win the most games, he gets to take a picture of me putting the Italian flag on my balcony.

So far after both teams have played their first two group stage games; Portugal has one victory and Italy has none.

Portugal’s next game is against the Netherlands and Italy plays against Ireland next.

It should be a guaranteed win for Italy and I’m pretty confident that Portugal will win as well.

It looks like will have to wait a bit longer to see who wins The Bet.

Força Portugal


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