Portugal’s Euro 2012: Onto The Quarterfinals

Portugal played it’s final Group Stage match against the Netherlands this past Sunday and once again I was unable to watch because I was working. I was kept up to date however by asking a customer whom I noticed was watching the game on his phone. Boy am I glad they won.

I kind of felt bad for the customer I asked. He was wearing a Netherlands jersey.

As I said in my previous post about the Euro, I wasn’t worried about the outcome of the game, I stated that history would play a role on the result, I even supplied a table to show Portugal’s winning record against the Netherlands since 1990.

I have to admit though that I was a bit worried when Van der Vaart scored the first goal. Was I surprised they scored? No, I knew they would get at least one. I knew they were going to push hard. With a win they still would’ve had a chance on goal difference.

I wasn’t even surprised that Van der Vaart scored. As I stated in my previous post, Van Persie was pretty much invisible aside from his one goal.

Speaking of invisible players, the same can be said about Cristiano Ronaldo in the first two games., but the Pride of Madeira did not disappoint last game.

I had told a coworker that he would score two goals, that one would be an absolute beauty and that the other would be embarrassing to Netherlands. His second goal, the one where he stopped the ball in the box, took the defender out of the play with his footwork and still had time to take aim before burying it in the net. Yeah, that was embarrassing in my opinion.

It’s a bit sad for Netherlands. They’re usually such a powerful team, they didn’t even get a single point this Euro.

Portugal will now move onto the quarterfinals and play against the Czech Republic on Thursday, June 21st.

Again, I’m pretty confident but not 100%. With players like Cech, Jiracek, Baros and Plasil, the Czechs can pose a serious threat.

To win their next matchup, Portugal will have to come out hard from the first minute, they will need to get a lead as quickly as they can in the first half and build on it or defend it in the second half.

If they let up a bit as they did in the first two group stage games the Czechs will surely capitalize.

Ronaldo will also have to play to his full abilities from the beginning.

Here’s a look at the history between these two teams:

Games won: 1
Games drawn: 0
Games lost: 1
Date Match Result Score Competition
23 Jun 1996 Portugal v Czech Republic L 0-1 European Championship
11 Jun 2008 Czech Republic v Portugal W 1-3 European Championship

*Source: http://www.11v11.com

If you look at Portugal’s record vs the Czech Repbulic, they have played two games, winning one and losing as many since 1996.

What about when the Czech Republic was still part of Czechoslovakia?:

Games won: 3
Games drawn: 4
Games lost: 3
Date Match Result Score Competition
24 Jan 1926 Portugal v Czechoslovakia D 1-1 A v Amateur
12 Jan 1930 Portugal v Czechoslovakia W 1-0 International
25 Apr 1965 Czechoslovakia v Portugal W 0-1 FIFA World Cup
31 Oct 1965 Portugal v Czechoslovakia D 0-0 FIFA World Cup
30 Apr 1975 Czechoslovakia v Portugal L 5-0 European Championship
12 Nov 1975 Portugal v Czechoslovakia D 1-1 European Championship
14 Oct 1984 Portugal v Czechoslovakia W 2-1 FIFA World Cup
25 Sep 1985 Czechoslovakia v Portugal L 1-0 FIFA World Cup
06 Oct 1989 Czechoslovakia v Portugal L 2-1 FIFA World Cup
15 Nov 1989 Portugal v Czechoslovakia D 0-0 FIFA World Cup

*Source: http://www.11v11.com

Not counting the draws they also have a .5oo record splitting the wins down the middle with Czechoslovakia.

I can’t really say by looking at these numbers what will come of this game, I can only hope that Portugal will win.

Força Portugal!

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5 comments on “Portugal’s Euro 2012: Onto The Quarterfinals

  1. Loved to read your comment! Thanks for enjoying the Portuguese team! Maria


  2. nice article. i am a huge fan of your work and i’m always coming here to see what’s new. thanks.


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