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Gregory Charles Starts LaSalle’s Centennial Celebrations

I’ve wanted to watch a live performance from Gregory Charles for a while. I actually enjoy his music, his covers and he’s even a pretty funny guy. Last thursday night I finally got to see him perform live down by the river in LaSalle, and it was a lot better than watching him “live” on TV.

He was the inaugural act of Ville LaSalle’s centennial year celebrations, and it was a damned good show from what I saw, I had to leave early because of school and work the next day.

He started off by finding out how many people born in each decade were in the crowd. We were all surprised to see that there was one gentleman born in the late ’20s and a woman born in 1936.

From then on he performed a mix of greatest hits from the ’20s to the present. At one point he mixed Bulls on Parade by Rage Against The Machine, Led Zeppelin’s Kashmir and Come Together by The Beatles.

He mixed those three songs so flawlessly and nicely that it just flowed, if you didn’t know those songs, you would think it was a single amazing song.

As I said, I had to leave early. I think it was a great start to the celebrations and I hope that the other events they have planned will be just as entertaining.

Happy 100th LaSalle.


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